We would like to express once again our great appreciation and enormous thanks to: our parents, Gordon and Jean Buzan, for launching us on this incredible journey, and especially to Mum for the depth of caring and days of work she has contributed to the preparation of this manuscript; Vanda North, our External Editor, who put in as much work in helping us with The Mind Map Book as most authors do in writing their own creations; Lorraine Gill, the artist, for her profound insights into the importance and nature of seeing, the image, and the relationship of art to the brain, memory and creativity; Deborah Buzan for sustained encouragement and support over the many years of this project; Michael J. Gelb for his persistent and impassioned support of us, this book, and a Mind Mapping World; our friends who spent so much time both reading and helping us with the various drafts - Paul Collins, who among many other things helped us realise that a quantum leap was a small one!; Judy Caldwell, who was able to - criticise in the true sense of the word, firing us with enthusiasm as she did so; John Humble, whose support for the concept of Mind Mapping over the years has provided a constant emotional strength; Sean Adam, for his enormous personal support, his 10-year commitment to the project and his consistent friendly cajoling of Tony to 'get that book out'; George Hughes, the first to apply successfully the Mind Map Family Study Technique; Edward Hughes, who applied Radiant Thinking and Mind Mapping to 'ace' Cambridge University; Peter Russell, the Brain Book man, for his continuing support; Geraldine Schwartz, who has done so much to help nurture the concept; Phyllida Wilson for regularly finding her way through the most complex of mazes while wrestling with the typing of this book; Tony's office staff - Carol Coaker, Kate Morrell and Lesley Bias - for keeping all systems going throughout the creation of The Mind Map Book, and for their Mind Map contributions to the work; my entire BBC team: Nick Chapman, Director of Consumer Products, Chris Weller, Head of Book Publishing, Sheila Ableman, Joint Head of Editorial, Deborah Taylor, Project Editor, Kelly Davis, Copy Editor, Kate Gee, Production Controller, Sara Kidd, Designer, and Jennifer Fry, Picture Researcher, for putting their hearts and souls into the project; Martin and Alison Cursham, who provided the summer respite that helped initiate the work; Caro, Peter, Doris, Tanya and Julian Ayre for providing support, sustenance, and the beautiful home and grounds of Greenham Hall, where much of this was written; the Folley Family, for providing a home and work area of exquisite quality; Peter Barrett who was the first to develop a valid Mind Map computer software; and to all Mind Mappers, radiant thinkers and members of the Brain Club who have supported and inspired us.

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How To Accomplish More In A Fraction Of The Time

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