Answers To Great Brains Quiz

41 (bottom)

Great Brain Note 1:

Great Brain Note 2: Great Brain Note A:

Great Brain Note B:

296 (bottom) Great Brain Note C:

Great Brain Note D:

Great Brain Note E:

299 (top left) Great Brain Note F: 299 (top right) Great Brain Note G:

299 (bottom) Great Brain Note H:

Great Brain Note I:

300 (bottom) Great Brain Note J:

301 (top left) Great Brain Note K:

301 (bottom)

302 (bottom)

303 (bottom)

Great Brain Note L: Great Brain Note M:

Great Brain Note N: Great Brain Note O: Great Brain Note P: Great Brain Note Q:

Pablo Picasso: page from manuscript 'Asul y

Blanco', 1894

Leonardo da Vinci: drawing

Isaac Newton: autograph sketch of reflecting telescope

Albert Einstein: diagram in answer to a schoolgirl's question

Thomas Edison: light bulb drawing from 1880 notebook

Leonardo da Vinci: drawings of parachute and flying-machine wings

Isaac Newton: letter to Oldenburg, 61211671, describing experiment on light Michelangelo: study of anatomical proportions Beethoven: page from 'Conversation Books', 1819 fol., used to communicate with visitors James Joyce: drawing of Leopold Bloom, from 'Ulysses', 1920s

Vincent van Gogh: letter to Emile Bernard, Aries, June 1888

Christopher Columbus: sketch map of island of Hispaniola, from logbook of the 'Santa Maria' voyage

William Blake: 'The Lamb' from 'Songs of Innocence'

Leonardo da Vinci: musical notation Laboratory notebook of Nobel prizewinner Walter H. Brattain, 2311211947, recording discovery of the transistor effect Mark Twain: self-portrait, 1874 William Blake 'Newton' (detail) John F. Kennedy: doodles, 21711963 Charles Darwin: drawing of the tree of evolution


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