Martian View Of Human Intelligence

Imagine you are a Martian from a billion-year-old civilisation who has been asked to study, help and eventually befriend the racially young but very talented inhabitants of Earth.

You study the Earth-dwellers intensively and find that they have a staggeringly complex cortex, with a wide range of advanced mental skills, an infinite associative capacity, a virtually limitless storage capacity, and a similarly limitless ability to generate new ideas and associations. In addition, they have a magnificently complex and flexible physical body to support and transport this intelligence, the psychological ability to enhance their own skills, and an inbuilt curiosity that drives them to explore all aspects of the universe.

You next observe that, in attempting to gain access to their vast mental capabilities, the members of this race are squeezing their intelligences out only through the incredibly narrow and restrictive channel of language. As a result, many of them experience actual nausea at the mere prospect of learning, and in the millions of learning institutions dotted around the planet most of the students are either sleeping or trying to get out!

Moved by this tragicomic situation, you decide to give the humans a set of Mind Mapping laws to help them release their incredible capabilities. These laws must be valid from any academic perspective to which the humans may choose to apply them - semantics, neurophysiology, information processing theory, cortical hemisphere theory, physics, psychology, philosophy, memory research or learning theory. What follows are the laws, theories and recommendations you propose.

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How To Accomplish More In A Fraction Of The Time

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