Reconstruction and revision

Now select your major branches or Basic Ordering Ideas. Useful BOIs include:

• Personal history - past, present and future

• Weaknesses

• Achievements

Radiant ThinkingRadiant Thinking

Mind Map by a chief executive of a multi-national organisation reconsidering his life and re-focusing upon his family (see page 181).

Mind Map by a female senior executive examining her belief systems, herself and her chosen directions for the future (seepage 181).

Thinking Maps Personality

The last item, your emotional nature, is particularly important and all too often excluded. Colours, shapes, symbols and images are especially helpful in expressing this aspect of your personality in your Mind Map.

Other helpful BO Is are concerned with the directions your life is currently taking or that you might wish it to take in the future. These BOIs can also form the main branches of your Mind Map.

Having completed your quick-fire Mind Map burst and having selected your major branches, you should create a larger, more artistic and more considered version. This final Mind Map is the external mirror of your internal state.

T Decision-making

Looking at your final Mind Map, you can make decisions and plan your future actions by using the methods described in Chapter 12 (pages 125-9).

reviewing the past and projecting future goals

An annual personal review of past achievements and projection of future goals is extremely useful in ordering and planning your life, and the Mind Map is the ideal tool for both these tasks.

Having assessed the past year's achievements in Mind Map form, you can use the same Mind Map as the basis for another Mind Map describing your plan of action for the coming year. In this way you can use the next year to build on strengths and priorities, and perhaps choose to spend less time and energy on areas which have proved less productive or satisfying in the past.

As the years go by, these annual Mind Maps form an on-going record, revealing trends and patterns over your whole lifetime and giving you major insights into yourself and the path your life is taking.

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As well as annual Mind Maps, we recommend that you do self-analysis Mind Maps at the beginning and end of any important phase in your life, whether you are changing job or house, or beginning or ending a relationship or course of study.

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