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14 This is the exchange, during which each family member presents, from his or her own Mind Map of the book, a complete summary of what has been learnt from the study text. (For details on giving presentations, see Chapter 26.)

Each presentation should take about 25 minutes, with a 5-10 minute break after the first two. While one member gives the presentation the other members

Radiant Thinker

Mind Map of a complete study day completed by two mothers, Lynn Collins and Caro Ayre (see page 208).

act as scribes, making their own Mind Maps and attempting to gain an understanding at least equal to that of the presenter. With the benefit of hindsight, and the presenter's organisation and layout, you should all be able to refine and improve each other's and your own Mind Maps to the highest possible level. The Mind Map on page 207 is the result of a study day held outside in a garden in springtime Somerset, England. Two families, the Ayres and the Collinses, were studying books and information on developing family genius, and therefore were applying what they were learning to what they were learning! The final Mind Map of the study day was completed by the mothers, Lynn Collins and Caro Ayre. The central image represented the four quarters of their subjects of study, and each branch was cleverly numbered so that the number was also a picture representing the content of the branch. For example, the number three is incorporated into the shape of one half of the brain, as this branch deals with the left and right functions of the brain, while the number six is represented by a unicorn (unique-horn) - representing uniqueness\ The Mind Map is filled with many other witty images for which the reader may enjoy searching!

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