Word Diamond Handout

Suppose you are losing scientists to your competitors. In particular, you want to encourage more professional employees to remain in the research and development (R&D) department. First, select four words or phrases: encourage, employees, remain, and R&D. Next arrange them in the shape of a diamond, as shown in Figure 6.4.

Figure 6.4. Word Diamond Sample

Finally, use various combinations to suggest ideas:

• Give incentive rewards for employees who achieve special professional recognition (from "employees/encourage").

• Match up younger employees who are more likely to leave with older employees and form a buddy program (from "employees/encourage").

• Establish two career tracks—one managerial and one nonmanagerial—to take into account different professional growth needs (from "employees/remain").

• Develop a "Pride in R&D" public relations campaign to promote team spirit (from "R&D/employees").

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