What Is It Handout

Consider the problem of improving an office desk. First, describe what desks are. For instance, you might say that office desks are not just desks, they are

• Smooth writing areas

• Occupational centers

• Computer support stands

• Hollowed-out wooden boxes

Then use these descriptions to generate ideas:

• A variable-tilt writing surface built into the desk top

• Desks tailored to different occupations. For instance, a doctor's desk might have a place to hold a stethoscope, a blood pressure cuff, and other diagnostic tools, as well as a built-in computer screen with the Physician's Desk Reference on a CD

• A computer monitor that flips up when needed, a CPU under the desk, and a keyboard built into the desk top

• A desk with heating pads and foot warmers

• A desk that can be collapsed easily and stored in a compact area

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