Rorschach Revisionist Handout

Refer to the inkblot shown in Figure 5.2 to stimulate ideas for improving a telephone. First, describe the inkblot, for example:

• A jet aircraft with swept-back wings

• Siamese twins on a teeter-totter in the large part on the top of the inkblot

• A frog holding a modern sculpture

• An Amazon beetle

• A moon-landing craft

• A mirror image of stalagmites

• The remains of a spider dropped from a twenty-story building

• Two alligators with conjoined twins on their backs

Figure 5.2. Inkblot

Next, use the descriptions and any intuitive reactions to generate ideas:

• A children's telephone in the shape of a airplane fighter (or frog, spider, beetle, spaceship, or alligator)

• A teeter-totter type of telephone in which the phone base goes down when the receiver is lifted (and vice versa)

• A telephone designed as a copy of a modern sculpture

• A telephone that "walks" across the table toward you when it rings

• A stainless steel telephone

• An alligator telephone that cradles the receiver in its mouth

• A "piggyback" telephone that contains a detachable cellular phone and a computer database of names and addresses

• A telephone that comes apart as a puzzle

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