1. Divide participants into small groups and give each member of a group a pad of Post-it® Notes and pens or pencils.

2. Ask group members to write down ideas individually on their Post-its without sharing them with others. Stress that they should write down only one idea per Post-it. Allow no more than 10 minutes for this step.

3. Have each individual read aloud, in turn, one of his or her ideas.

4. Tell the other group members to write down, on a Post-it, any new ideas that might come to mind (one idea per note).

5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 until each group member has read aloud at least one of his or her ideas. If you want more ideas, have them repeat the round.

6. Instruct the groups to collect and group the ideas into categories of related themes, using a flip chart or a wall.

7. Ask the participants to form new groups of two or three people, brainstorm ideas for the themes at their new tables, and write the ideas on Post-it® Notes, one idea per note.

8. After one hour or less, ask each group to sort its ideas by themes and present them to the larger group. Write down these ideas on a flip chart or overhead transparencies visible to all.

9. Have the participants form new groups of ten people, brainstorm ways to improve the ideas listed, write them down on Post-its (one idea per note), and place them on flip charts for evaluation.

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