Lotus Blossom Handout

Suppose your problem involves ways to improve a wristwatch. Write "Improve a wrist-watch" in the center of a sheet of paper. Then write eight related concepts in surrounding circles: (a) watch hands, (b) wrist strap, (c) date, (d) time, (e) second hand, (f) battery, (g) appointments, and (h) face. Next, generate ideas for each of these elements.

• Watch hands—different shapes on ends, different colors, different designs

• Wrist strap—buckles, metal, different colors, transparent, different widths

• Date—flashing, multicolored, icons for months, written out

• Time—voice activated, voice response, flashing lights

• Second hand—digital, complementary color, gold plated, variable speed

• Battery—recharge in wall outlet, owner can replace

• Appointments—record appointments, beeper reminder, link appointments with other watches

• Face—celebrity faces, pictures of famous landmarks, spinning face

Figure 7.3. Lotus Diagram

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