Ideatoons Handout

Suppose you are a packaging design director concerned with developing new cheese cracker box designs. First, you develop a list of problem attributes: box, package opening, closure, and package lining. Next, illustrate these attributes using graphic symbols such as the ones shown in Figure 6.2. Then experiment with different combinations of symbols to help kick start your imagination.

Package Opening mmumrnrn o^ii*« n

Closure Package Lining

Figure 6.2. Ideatoons

Here are some sample ideas:

• A box with two chambers: one for crackers and one for cheese spread (from the box and package opening symbols).

• A box with disposable, tear-off closures. Use each closure strip only once (from the box and closure symbols).

• Nested package linings with a vacuum in between (from the package opening and package lining symbols).

• Put a cheese cutter inside each package so consumers can stamp out pieces of cheese to conform to the shape of different crackers (from the package opening and closure).

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