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Although it may seem counterintuitive, some of the best ideas from this exercise might result when participants quickly draw the squares and generate ideas. Hesitation can result in more conventional, analytical thinking. If participants are involved and motivated to complete this exercise, more unique ideas may pop out, so it is important that participants do not spend too much time contemplating where to draw their boxes. The fact that they may retrace lines should help facilitate this aspect.

Doodlin'Around the Block Handout

Assume that you manufacture food products and decide to generate some snack food ideas. As shown in Figure 12.1, a group member draws a large rectangle and the others write in one word each.







Figure 12.1. Sample Doodlin' Word Rectangle

Figure 12.1. Sample Doodlin' Word Rectangle

The members then begin taking turns and draw boxes around three of the unrelated stimulus words and generate seven snack food product ideas for a total of seven boxes with ideas (Figure 12.2). Another session might result in a different number of boxes and ideas, depending on the number of participants and time available.

Figure 12.2. Sample Doodling' Exercise

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