Circle of Opportunity Handout

To illustrate Circle of Opportunity, consider ways to improve a briefcase. First, construct a circle as shown in Figure 6.1 with twelve different attributes.

You roll a die and get the number 5 (security); you roll both dice and get the number 10 (materials) for the second attribute. You free-associate using these attributes: plastic, hidden, bulletproof vest, case-hardened steel, alarms, motion detectors, and video cameras. These free associations might help you think of such ideas as:

• Installing hidden security pockets in a briefcase

• Constructing the briefcase out of bulletproof materials so it can be used as a shield

• Installing an alarm and motion detectors to go off whenever someone unauthorized tries to move the briefcase

You roll a die again and get the number 6 (padding) and then both dice and get the number 9 (colors).


Figure 6.1. Circle of Opportunity


Figure 6.1. Circle of Opportunity

Your free associations are soft, spongy, pockets, and rainbow. From these associations you think of the following ideas:

• A multicolored briefcase

• Different colors for each file of an expanding filing pocket

• A padded handle in a contrasting color

• A padded compartment in a contrasting color for use when carrying a notebook computer so you can remove the compartment when you aren't carrying the computer and save space

101 Activities for Teaching Creativity and Problem Solving. Copyright © 2005 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Reproduced by permission of Pfeiffer, an Imprint of Wiley.

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