Write Down Your Supreme Goals

The results of a 1973 survey revealed some enlightening information about the value of written goals. In 1953, a group of graduating students at Yale University was asked a series of questions, which included, "Have you set clear, specific goals for your life? Have you written them down and have you made plans to accomplish them?" Of those interviewed, 3 percent had written down their goals and formulated specific plans to attain them. Twenty years later the surviving members of that class were again interviewed. The 3 percent who had written down their goals had achieved greater financial success than all of the other 97 percent. The participants had originally been chosen because of their similar family and socioeconomic backgrounds, intelligence, academic ability, and even physical appearance. The only visible difference between the successful 3 percent and the others was that they had written down their goals and plans.

Do you think that major corporations such as Intel or General Electric would experience the same success if their directors had the corporate goals in mind rather than written down? Writing down your SUPREME goals clarifies your thinking and purpose, providing the Optimal track for your progress. You know exactly what you must do to achieve what you want. By frequently referring to your written SUPREME goals, you can minimize distractions and interruptions. You generate more time to do what you really want to do. You also gain clear mental pictures of exactly what you want. This stimulates the visualization process, which prepares you to achieve your goals. Conflicts and inconsistencies become more apparent and you can focus on resolving them before they become serious problems. Writing down your SUPREME goals can also help you communicate clearly what you consider to be most important.

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