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My Ultimate Abundance Attract More Love Wealth & Success Review

Highly Recommended

It is pricier than all the other ebooks out there, but it is produced by a true expert and is full of proven practical tips.

In addition to being effective and its great ease of use, this eBook makes worth every penny of its price.

The Miracle Of Personal Development

One of the great turning points in my life came when, as a young man in my early twenties, I discovered the miracle of personal development. My life has never been the same. I learned that through personal development you can indeed pull yourself up by your own bootstraps. I learned that, by learning what you need to learn to

Optimal Thinking The Next Step Beyond Positive Thinking

Optimal Thinking is not just another self-improvement book. It is your definitive guide for self-optimization a quantum leap This book does not make assumptions about what is important to you, but instead offers an approach to empower you to discover your highest priorities and create your own best solutions. You'll learn how to ask yourself and others the best questions to make the most of everyday situations. You'll learn a style of thinking that provides the best chance of creating anything and everything you will ever want.

Birds of Different Feathers

In one of the original professional and personal development books, Think and Grow Rich, author Napoleon Hill speaks to a concept he calls a Mastermind. He says that in order to be high achievers, we need to associate our thoughts with other high achievers, and they don't even have to be people we know. They can be dead people. They can even be people from fiction Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew, Indiana Jones.

Mental Dynamics In Search of a Unified Theory

I would have occasion to see the same kind of positive results in the United States and Japan. In 1970 I was teaching psychocybernetics to teams of sales representatives. In 1972, after attending a series of psychology workshops in the U.S., Jean-Claude Gimet, a cybernetics specialist who hosted seminars on management and planning, suggested that we work together on personal development seminars which would be offered to corporate clients. With the help of Phillip Lecomte, a psychologist and director of a large mining concern, who happened to be interested in the same techniques, I came up with a plan for a three day seminar. A short time later the three of us conducted our first seminar, which we called the Personal Achievement Seminar - a course on personal development based on the psychology of self image. The results we obtained led to our being hired by a number of large industrial and commercial corporations. We conducted seminars for their sales and technical staff. Since then,...

Anxiety and the inferiority complex

As I traveled around the world conducting seminars on personal development, I met thousands of people who were suffering from a lack of self confidence. Although they were often not aware of it, this lack of faith in their own abilities, this mutilated self image, undermined their very existence. All had developed an inferiority complex, to some degree. Even people who seemed to be bursting with confidence were often only maintaining a facade, compensating for their inner lack of self esteem by putting up a brave front. They may have fooled others for awhile, but they inevitably suffered from periods of terrible, recurring anxiety.

Develop The Winning Edge

In fact, all you need is to be about 3 percent better in each of the key result areas of your job to develop the winning edge. This edge enables you to move to the front in the race of life. Once you get a little ahead, you can then maintain and increase this gap by continuous self-improvement.You can continue to get better and better with learning and practice.With this strategy, you will soon emerge in the top 10 percent, or even the top 5 percent, of people in your field.

10 ways of cutting down stress at work

2 Offer learning opportunities for all staff, including some time that can be used for personal development. Stephen Covey explored the idea of creating a Family Mission Statement in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families. Being proactive is the first of the seven habits he seeks to encourage. There are many interesting and detailed suggestions for putting your mission into practice as a family. However, I suspect that many busy business people see a book like that and think that it is about self-improvement and not, therefore, relevant to their working lives. I want to suggest a simple approach to getting your personal life priorities in order, which is, paradoxically for some business people, central to being successful in life.

7What I Dislike Most about Myself

When Anne completed her list of actions to correct her weaknesses, she again noticed that her weaknesses were more specific than her strengths. She had always been interested in self-improvement she suddenly realized that she had formed the habit of finding fault with herself and correcting her flaws to temporarily avoid feeling bad about herself. By neglecting to appreciate and make the most of her strengths, she had robbed herself of self-esteem.

Terpnos Logos

Saying 'I don't like this or that.' or 'I am this or that.' stems from a static vision of the self, when in fact the self is in a constant state of evolution. Personal development is a dynamic, rather than a static process, so any opinion you may have about yourself is really only temporary.

Silva Mind Control

I was fascinated - it was like reading an exact description of what I was trying to accomplish in my 'alpha seminars' on personal development, which were a synthesis of all the methods I had come across previously. Was this some form of competition I had to find out more.

Take The Initiative

The most important qualifications are that they have positive mental attitudes and are generally optimistic about themselves and their lives. They should have goals of their own that they are working on each day. They should be open-minded and curious. They should believe in personal development, and already read books, listen to audio programs, and attend courses and seminars.


You like to look within yourself, an instinct that has you continually questing for self-knowledge. You are constantly analyzing your strengths and weaknesses and setting goals to do something to improve yourself. You may well keep notes or a diary or personal log of your experiences, moods, and thoughts. You explore those situations that give you pleasure and those that cause pain, and seek to act accordingly. You understand and manage your own emotions well. You enjoy having time to think and reflect. You may well have pursued some kind of counseling or self-improvement activity.

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