Make a Note

In addition to writing down addresses, phone numbers, and other information that you need on a regular basis, write down important things that you need to know even just once or occasionally. We all have the experience of having an important thought spontaneously come to mind while we're in the midst of activity. Perhaps you're driving to work and a new business idea occurs to you. Or it could be a question you want to ask your doctor at your checkup next week, an idea for your daughter's birthday present, a book you'd like to read, or restaurants you'd like to try. Don't assume that you will be able to recall the thought thirty minutes later when you're sitting at your desk; make a note as soon as you can. The purpose isn't simply to have a written reminder. The act of writing something down helps reinforce it in your memory— so much so that you might not need to refer to your notes to cue your recall.

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