Davids Memory Treatment Plan

I encouraged David to commit himself to a lifestyle that emphasized brain fitness. We discussed his risk factors for cerebrovascu-lar disease and what he needed to do in order to reduce them. These included maintaining a heart-healthy diet and adopting a vigilant stance with his blood pressure and cholesterol. To get 197

started, I referred him to a clinical nutritionist who works with our team, and I suggested that he get a copy of Dr. Walter Wil-lett's excellent book Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy (2001). I encouraged him to begin monitoring his blood pressure with a device he could buy at a pharmacy.

We then reviewed the effect of excessive and continuous stress on cardiovascular health, emotional well-being, and brain function. I pointed out that he had relinquished many of the activities that used to provide him with opportunities for recreation and stress release. He understood how time away from his work could paradoxically result in greater professional productivity. He promised to resume his workout routine and get back on schedule for weekly tennis matches with his oldest son. Without needing a lecture from me, he indicated his intention to reduce his alcohol consumption by regaining his discipline during his business lunches.

We also discussed practical cognitive strategies—for example, making written notes or using a PDA to record information on the spot for future reference.

I suspected that if David took all of these steps, his memory, as well as his sleep and mood, would improve. If not, we could explore further to see if he had an underlying sleep disorder and if his moodiness was due to depression.

We agreed that he could call me if needed but that we would meet again in six months to take stock of his progress.

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