Neurobics Works

There is nothing magic about Neurobics. The magic lies in the brain's remarkable ability to convert certain kinds of mental activity into self-help. Happily for everyone with busy lives, there is no need to find a special time or place to do Neurobic exercises. ^ Everyday life is the Neurobic Brain Gym. Neurobics requires you to do two simple things you may have neglected in your lifestyle: Experience the unexpected and enlist the aid of all your senses in the course of the day.

No exercise program is going to help if you aren't motivated and can't find time to do it. That's why Neurobic exercises are designed to fit into what you do on an ordinary

day—getting up, commuting, working, shopping, eating, or relaxing. Just as weight-loss experts advise against fad diets in favor of changing your overall eating habits, Neurobics is recommended as a lifestyle choice, not a crash course or a quick fix. Simply by making small changes in your daily habits, you can turn everyday routines into "mind-building" exercises. It's like improving your physical state by using the stairs instead of the elevator or walking to the store instead of driving. Neurobics won't give you back the brain of a twenty-year-old, but it can help you to access the vault of memories and experience that a twenty-year-old simply doesn't own. And it can help you keep your brain alive, stronger, and in better shape as you grow older.

Many Neurobic exercises challenge the brain by reducing its reliance on sight and hearing and encouraging the less frequently used senses of smell, touch, and taste to play a more prominent role in everyday activities. By doing so, rarely activated pathways in your brain's associative network are stimulated, increasing your range of mental flexibility.

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