At The Market

For thousands of years getting food was a vigorous, Neu-robic workout, involving all the different senses: tracking animals by sight, smell, and sound... deciding when to plant or harvest crops by "reading" the weather...remembering how to locate the best fishing and gathering grounds. Each season presented its own challenges and opportunities for obtaining food, and the fear of going hungry always loomed just over the horizon. Finding food was never routine and it was usually a very social activity. (It is believed that language first originated on the hunt.)

Modern society has effectively eliminated the time, struggle, and unknowns involved j\ in getting food, but we've given up something in exchange for the predictability and convenience of the supermarket. Instead of food being a feast for the senses, supermarket packaging is

geared to appeal mainly to our visual sense. And in this world of shrink-wrapped, frozen, or canned foods, stimulation based on other senses, such as taste, touch, and smell, are eliminated or relegated to the background. Human exchange has been replaced by automated checkouts, and even the hunting routes (aisles and shelf arrangements) have been preprogrammed for optimum sales, not sensory stimulation.

The exercises in this section attempt to reawaken the hunter-gatherer within, by involving more of your senses and the associations between them, as well as some of the social aspects of the "hunt."

These activities may involve a little extra time (and in some cases, a bit more money), but they have big payoffs in terms of nourishing the brain.

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