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Whether it's the end of a long day, a hard week, or a busy month, we all need time to relax and refresh our mind. But not all relaxations are necessarily good for the brain. Watching hours of TV is the most obvious example. Research has shown that watching television literally numbs the mind: The brain is less active during TV-viewing than during sleep! And a constant diet of television is linked to fewer social interactions, which in turn has long-term negative consequences.

In contrast, there are many enjoyable, relaxing activities that incorporate the principles ofNeurobics. Some of your existing leisure-time activities are probably more Neurobic and better for your brain than others. So the first step is to take stock of how you spend free

time and evaluate whether it includes a good proportion of

Neurobics. The key is striking a balance between brain-stim-ulating Neurobic activity and those times when you simply need to put your mind in idle.

We've grouped exercises into three categories: vacations, leisure time, and hobbies.

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