9 Food For Thought

IVlealtimes are also an excellent opportunity to introduce Neurobic stimuli from exotic foods, tastes, and smells:

Once a month try a cuisine that's novel to you. When you eat the same thing at the same time of day, the associative capacity of your smell and taste systems is blunted. So:

•Prepare a breakfast from another country. Here are some typical ones. (The ingredients are generally available at ethnic markets, restaurants, or supermarkets, and finding them can be a Neurobic experience.)

Japan: seaweed, rice, fish, tea France: croissants, cheese, coffee Mexico: tortillas and beans

Brazil: coffee, milk, bread and jam, cheese and ham with papaya Bulgaria: Hot platter of eggs or cold platter of eggs, meats, yogurt, honey, bread, and jam

■ Try the same thing at dinner. (In cities you can "take out" something.)

Chinese (and eat with chopsticks!) Japanese (chopsticks again)

Southern fried chicken (eat with your hands) Moroccan (eat everything with your fingers) Hispanic—Mexican, Brazilian, Spanish (just eat!)

■ Accompany the meal with appropriate ethnic music to add an auditory dimension to taste sensations.

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