7 Introduce Novelty

■ Eat waffles or cereal for dinner. The Norwegians eat their main meal for breakfast. You could try that too.

• Change the order in which you eat your food. Try starting with the dessert and ending with the chips. This may seem frivolous but your brain won't think so. It's primed to handle this unexpected strategy.

• Change where you eat your meal—a different room, outside, on the porch, on the floor (have an indoor picnic!).

•Puree in a blender one fruit and one vegetable that you have never combined before. Taste it and make up a catchy name for the new concoction. This could be a fun taste game for a group of food lovers.

• Eat your food using your "wrong" hand. A small change like this makes even the most routine acts of eating challenging.

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