7 Create A Sensory Symphony In The Bath

Atthe end of the day, when you want to wind down, try something relaxing andNeurobic, such as a warm bath. Use a variety of sensory stimuli—aromatic bath oils and soaps, sponges, loofah, body scrubs, candlelight, champagne or tea, music, plush towels, and moisturizer. Luxuriate in a cavalcade of scents, textures, and lighting to create linkages between old and new associations.

Certain odors evoke distinct moods (alertness, calmness, etc.) in many people. In a Neurobic bath, simply by pairing a specific odor and/or music with an enjoyable, relaxing ac tivity, you form a useful stress-relieving association that can be tapped simply by smelling the aroma or hearing the melody again.

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