6 The Joy Of Joy Riding

JHLead out without a plan and with family or friends for a "Random Drive." Each passenger gets a turn to suggest where to go or what to do—"Stop here" or "Turn left now" or "Let's wade in that stream!" Or try "Map Toss": Put a map ofyour region on the floor and have everyone throw a coin on it. Then go to a randomly determined place that strikes your collective fancy. En route, use some of the exercises in the "Commuting" chapter to enhance your social and sensory experiences.

^ Most ofthe time you're in a car, you have specific destinations in mind (and usually a routine way to get there). Not being sure of what comes next, whereyou 're going to end up, or even how you '11 get back turns up your attentional circuits to notice all the new sensory stimuli aroundyou. You (andyourpassengers) are also exercising spatial navigation skills. And while you can play these games by yourself, by inc/udingfamily and friends you provide opportunities for shared experiences, shared memories, shared meals, and shared associations.

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