5 Be Creative

Take a creative workshop. Lots of places both in the U.S. and abroad offer week- or month-long courses in writing, painting, photography, sculpting, music, acting, archaeology, or whatever you've always wanted to try your hand at.

Try a sports camp. There are "camps" galore, including tennis, golf, scuba diving, riding, baseball, and rock climbing.

Vacation at a cooking school. Your eyes, nose, tongue, sense of touch, and emotions will get an extra workout, and you'll develop mental skills planning, timing, and executing complex tasks.

^ Novelty is the backbone of any good vacation. Increase the Neuronic potential by adding a learning experience to it.

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Baseball For Boys

Baseball For Boys

Since World War II, there has been a tremendous change in the makeup and direction of kid baseball, as it is called. Adults, showing an unprecedented interest in the activity, have initiated and developed programs in thousands of towns across the United States programs that providebr wholesome recreation for millions of youngsters and are often a source of pride and joy to the community in which they exist.

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