4 Practice Neurobics In The Supermarket

■■ Use your senses. Close your eyes and distinguish fruits by their smell or by the feel of their rinds. Use self-serve bins to buy small amounts of grains, cereals, or spices with different tastes, textures, or odors (health food stores are especially good sources).

■i Change your usual route through the aisles.

» Ask the people at the meat, fish, or deli counters to help you choose something instead ofjust picking out prepackaged foods.

■i Change the way you scan the shelves. Stores are designed to have the most profitable items at eye level, and in a quick scan you really don't see everything that's there. Instead, stop in any aisle and look at everything displayed on the shelves, from top to bottom. If there's something you've never seen before, pick it up just to read the ingredients and think about it (you don't have to buy it). You've broken your routine and experienced something new.

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