3 Brushing Roulette

13rush your teeth with your nondominant hand (including opening the tube and applying toothpaste). You can substitute any morning activity—styling your hair, shaving, applying makeup, buttoning clothes, putting in cufflinks, eating, or using the TV remote.

^ This exercise requires you to use the opposite side ofyour brain instead of the side you normally use. Consequently all those circuits, connections, and brain areas involved in usingyour dominant hand are inactive, while their counterparts on the other side ofyour brain are suddenly required to direct a set of behaviors in

which they usually don't participate. Research has shown that this type of exercise can result in a rapid and substantial expansion of circuits in the parts of the cortex that control and process tactile in-formationfrom the hand.

Variation: Use only one hand to do tasks like buttoning a shirt, tying a shoe, or getting dressed. For a real workout, try usingjust your nondominant hand.

Another exercise that associates unusual sensory and motor pathways in your cortex with a routine activity is to use your feet to put your socks and underwear in the laundry basket or pick out your shoes for the day.

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