11 Play Name That Sound

V^/n an old radio show, contestants would try to identify sounds the host would play for them. You can make up your own after-dinner version of this game. During the week, record sounds on your Walkman from around the house or park or work. Play them back for the family and have each person try to "name that sound." Or buy a sound-effects CD or cassette (there are lots available) and play the game.

12. Brainathon

If you already exercise to stay fit, why not give your brain a workout at the same time? Running on a treadmill is not the same as running through a park or your neighborhood. The predictable program of a machine in a gym demands almost nothing of your brain. Walking, jogging, or cycling on a trail or sidewalk opens you up to multisensory experiences with unpredictiblility at every corner.. .Which way do I go at this intersection? Will that dog come after me? Look out for that kid on the tricycle! So vary your exercise routine by doing it outdoors periodically.

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