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Ho'oponopono Certification

The Ho'oponopono Certification will teach you some fundamental strategies that will help you do away with all the negative energies. By so doing, you will become a positive person, leading a positive life as well. The program is a creation of two individuals, Dr. Joe Vitale and Mathew Dixon. The former is an actor and has featured in many books, apart from being a professional in the implementation of the law of attraction in ensuring people lead better lives. Mathew is an influential healing musician. The two individuals teamed up to modernize the Ho'oponopono strategy in the program. The program was established following a thorough research and tests. It is a step by step guide that will ensure you successfully let go of your cognizant and intuitive memory, bringing to an end all your problems. The program consists of 8 eight videos, each taking 40 minutes. These videos will explain each and every detail of the program to ensure that you fully understand all the necessary techniques. There is no reason to hesitate. Purchase it today transform your life for good. Continue reading...

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Starve Your Negative Emotions

Your negative emotions have all been learned, beginning in childhood. And what has been learned can be unlearned, sometimes quite quickly.You can learn any habit or skill that you consider to be either desirable or necessary. Especially, you can learn positive, constructive ways of thinking about people, money, health, and other factors to cancel out negative ideas that limit your potential and interfere with your success. Many negative ideas or attitudes are based on false premises. Sometimes a negative idea about a subject, or a negative attitude toward a person, can be completely reversed with a single piece of new information. You could suddenly learn that an idea you had about yourself or another person was not true. As a result, you could change your thinking in an instant. Be open to this possibility. Negative emotions exist only because we give them life and then keep them alive. We feed them by continually thinking and talking about things that make us angry or unhappy....

Exercise 5 Eliminating Your Negative Feelings

Another way of eliminating negative feelings is by increasing your energy level. The higher your energy, the more difficult it becomes to experience lower, negative emotions. Love, compassion, courage and happiness resonate with high energy, and are stimulated by wide areas of brain cells in the cerebral cortex. Lust, anger, fear and pleasure are simple, low energy emotions prompted from specific spots in the limbic system of the brain, which is brain tissue about the size of a small fist lying underneath the 2 large cerebral halves of the brain. You can increase your energy by good exercise, better nutrition, better associations, better breathing habits, better music, better drinking water, better posture and better sleep (review Exercise -Increase Your Energy, Increase Your Health ).

Question Your Beliefs

The Law of Belief says Whatever you believe, with conviction, becomes your reality. You always act in a manner consistent with your deepest and most intensely held beliefs, whether they are true or not. And all your beliefs are learned. At one time, you did not have them. Your beliefs largely determine your reality. You do not believe what you see you rather see what you already believe. You can have life-enhancing beliefs that make you happy and optimistic, or you can have negative beliefs about yourself and your potential that act as roadblocks to the realization of everything that is truly possible for you. The most harmful beliefs you can have are your self-limiting beliefs. These are beliefs about yourself and your potential that hold you back. Most of them are not true. Most of them are the result of information you have accepted without question, often from early childhood. Even if it is completely untrue, if you believe yourself to be limited in areas such as achieving...

Negative Thinking

Do you sometimes find yourself thinking negatively about yourself, about others, or about circumstances Is your focus on what's wrong, on limitations, or on destructive viewpoints Although negative thinking is often detrimental and scorned by many in society today, it is valuable. Negative thinking enables us to define and express our vulnerability, integrate trauma, and grieve the meaningful losses in our lives. It also warns us of imminent danger. Negative thinking cautions us against investing our hard-earned money in fraudulent get-rich-quick schemes, or against diving into deep water when we don't know how to swim. It is necessary in any design process to anticipate flaws in products, services, and projects so that they can be rectified. We all think negatively from time to time. Do you experience worry, depression, or blame Do you complain, criticize, or use words like can't and won't Are you ever unreasonable Do you direct your anger at people who have nothing to do with its...

Exercise 190 Sensory Telepathy

Previous exercises have covered sight and sound telepathy. This exercise covers gustatory, olfactory, tactile and kinesthetic telepathic transmission. Using a partner of the opposite sex, assume a relaxed position facing each other. The sender focuses on an emotional feeling and holds onto that as a carrier wave. Experiment with positive and negative emotions and note the differences. Now visualize and transmit a certain taste -- sweetness of chocolate candy, sourness of a lemon, bitterness of strong, black coffee or the salty, crispiness of potato chips. Next, transmit a certain smell -- an odor of a septic tank, a fragrance of a certain flower, tobacco or herb. Next, transmit a particular tactile sensation -- being naked on an iceberg, handling a snake or a ball with sharp pins, being sat on by an elephant or petting a shaggy dog. And finally, transmit a kinesthetic feeling -- falling off a high building, being buried alive in a coffin, rowing a boat, doing a somersault or simply...

Make Your Own Dream List

Most people are held back by their self-limiting beliefs. The way you burst these mental chains is with a dream list. The very fact that you can write down something that you would love to have someday means that you probably have within you, right now, the ability to achieve it. Let your mind float freely as you write. There will be lots of time to organize and evaluate your dreams later.

The Trigger Of Negativity

Most negative emotions are triggered by frustrated expectations.You wish, hope, or plan for something to happen in a certain way, and when it doesn't, you react with impatience and anger. This is quite normal. If you care about a result, you are going to be hurt if you don't achieve it.

Reading your own moods

If you are running a meeting or seminar, it may be helpful to find out where your participants would position themselves on this meter. If they are down toward the bottom, then you will need to have strategies for dealing with them They will not learn or participate effectively until they have started to deal with their negative feelings. More importantly, you will find it helpful to be more aware of your own moods as a learner.

Take Charge Of Your Life

The Laws of Belief, Expectations, Attraction, and Correspondence, used consciously and deliberately, are the keys to your accomplishing wonderful things with your life. When you begin to change your thinking about your goals and possibilities, your beliefs and actions will change.You will find yourself doing more and more of the things you need to do to make your dreams come true.

Exercise 214 Psionic and Psychotronic Generators

To counteract the subliminal entrainment of your mind, question yourself periodically about your actions. Next, consciously clear your mind of all negative thought patterns. Well you say, That's what it's all about, isn't it There's a difference though. If you knew someone was pointing a mind control gun at you to implant a subliminal, negative condition in you, wouldn't you CONSCIOUSLY want to counteract it and rebuff its influence Of course you would.

73 Model of the World Framing

Anyway, when we find a limiting belief in ourselves or another, moving up to the Model of the World level certainly enables us to step aside from our whole frame-of-reference and to refresh our awareness that the belief only exists as a mental construct anyway. De-confusing ourselves about our maps, our beliefs, and reminding ourselves, They're not real (at least not in any external way), then frees us from the insanity of confusing map and territory. When a mind-line loosens up a person's belief by triggering various submodality or meta-program shifts, we have at that moment a window of opportunity for extending the change. Dive rightin. Layeron another one By the way, the content of what we say in these interactions usually have less effect than the strategy of bringing this Model of the World context to bear on the belief. These structural facets of information work directly on the structure of a limiting belief.

Exercise 142 Improve Your Physical Strength In 7 Days

You can measure the many things that affect your life energy force with a simple kinesiological muscle test. By using a hand grip dynamometer, you can test your strength after exposure to specific energy fields, foods, pictures, words, symbols or even the thoughts of others directed toward you. For most people, listening to rock or country music, looking at unpleasant or negative pictures, eating sugar or red meat, coming into contact with plastics, synthetic clothing or cigarettes, and even thinking negative thoughts weakens a person kinesiologically. Although the effects are mostly temporary, constant exposure in these areas can continually deplete your bodily energy. Elimination of such exposure allows your body to strengthen itself again.

Exercise 16 Positive Energy Imaging

Assume a comfortable, relaxed position and take a few deep, abdominal breaths. Close your eyes and relax all parts of your body progressively from your toes to your head. Imagine that an inverted white tornado has enveloped your entire body with the small end leading up to infinity. Visualize the large end swirling around you and through you with purifying energy. All your hurts, negativities, and non-productive programming are being cleansed and washed away. Feel the energy flow through you with a tingling sensation. You are overflowing with this energy. You are radiating this energy from every pore in your body. Visualize all your fear, anger, guilt, depression, worry, loneliness and other negative emotion transforming to love, appreciation, joy, compassion, forgiveness and contentment. Imagine and feel it changing from negative to positive. Visualize yourself with a complete body and mind that is whole and well. Experience the clarity, and notice a feeling of freedom, joy and power...

Resources for Brain Development

Introduces the reader to the current understanding of cognition, or thinking and knowing. It has a friendly style and assumes the reader has no experience in cognitive psychology. It offers many concrete examples and illustrations. The author is a professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

The Path To Forgiveness

Each time you think of the other person, you use the Law of Substitution and say, God bless him her I forgive him her for everything, and I wish him her well. It is not possible to bless and forgive another person and simultaneously be angry or upset. The positive thought cancels out the negative thought.

Exercise 188 Visual Telepathy

Now take a partner of the opposite sex and sit in a relaxed position facing each other. Silently look into each other's eyes. Many feelings can be discerned by this form of eye contact. As the sender, focus on one of these feelings to the exclusion of all others and emanate this to your partner. Eliminate any negative feelings and concentrate on positive ones -- love, compassion, joy, humbleness, tolerance, forgiveness, charity, friendliness, self-sacrifice or even curiosity or determination. Positive feelings always have a smoother frequency for transmitting purposes. With practice, such feelings can be transmitted quite easily.

16 A11 Other Abstractions

It sounds like unpleasant and negative emotions an abstraction from 'stress' cause you to do things you don't want to do abstracted from 'eating chocolate' . So experiencing negative emotions really makes you a victim to your emotions An even higher abstract concept on the entire statement. Then with one fell swoop of your magic meaning wand you can set up your frame as an umbrella over-arching everything underneath it. In that way your conversational mind-lines can embed within them and under them the old limiting belief statement. In this way, we can leave the formula alone, stop fooling with it, and just contain it and temper it from a meta-level.

Exercise 6 Positive Affirming Positive Living

Some diseases are initiated right after upsetting events happen or you have a serious bout with depression, worry or loneliness. If you understand this, then you must also realize that the self-healing process is largely controlled by your brain -hence the effectiveness of the placebo. Just as harmful biochemical changes take place with negative emotions, beneficial changes take place when your thought atmosphere is positive. If you don't implant positive thoughts into the subconscious mind, it will draw upon whatever is being played for activation. By unconsciously Affirmations have a power to them, because they can change your thoughts and thereby change your reality. Since the root of mental and emotional blocks reside in your subconscious thoughts, affirmations are an excellent tool to help you change old mind tapes and programming. If you object to the idea of positive affirmations, that's a good signal you need some work in this area. In all cases, positive affirmations can help...

How to get rid of your complexes and be yourself

The question then arises of what to do when negative thoughts or images about yourself do arise, which they inevitably will. Cybernetics has the answer a servomechanism will attain its objective both by trying - and failing -to do so. Failures are examined and analyzed, and the necessary corrections are made. Negative past experiences, ingrained in our memory, do not necessarily inhibit the functioning of this servomechanism, but can actually contribute to the process of learning. The more we think about the event, the more details it evokes, and the more real the event becomes. We soon start feeling the negative emotions associated with it - tension, disappointment, anguish, and so on. As Maltz remarked, there is no effort of will involved - the cause of our anxiety is simply the result of our uncontrolled imagination.

Dont Take It Personally

The second major cause of negative emotions according to Ouspen-sky, is identification, or attachment. This occurs when you take something personally or you become attached to a person or thing. You see the unhappy outcome of an event or circumstance as a personal affront or attack on you or on something you believe in or hold dearly. You become emotionally involved in a situation and identify so strongly with it that it affects your emotions and your reason in a negative way.

You Can Choose Your Thoughts

The Law of Substitution says, Your mind can hold only one thought at a time, positive or negative. You can substitute a positive thought for a negative thought whenever you choose. You can apply this law by deliberately thinking about something positive whenever you want to cancel out a thought or feeling that makes you angry or unhappy.

Your Mental Hard Drive

Everything you know about yourself, all your beliefs, are recorded on the hard drive of your personality, in your self-concept. Your self-concept precedes and predicts your levels of performance and effectiveness in everything you do. Because of the law of correspondence, you always behave on the outside in a manner consistent with your self-concept on the inside. All improvement in your life therefore begins with an improvement in your self-concept. You have an overall self-concept that is made up of all your beliefs about yourself and your abilities. This bundle of beliefs includes all the experiences, decisions, successes, failures, ideas, information, emotions, and opinions of your life up to now. This general self-concept determines how and what you think and feel about yourself, and measures how well you are doing in general.

Anxiety and the inferiority complex

The tension and stress we experience on a daily basis is generated by this kind of vicious circle of negative thought patterns. We criticize ourselves incessantly, and this critical attitude is often encouraged by the people around us, who seem to rarely find anything good to say, either about themselves or about anyone else.

Exercise 195 Psychokinesis

You've learned in other exercises how your thoughts alone can affect your bodily functions as well as those around you, but thoughts also have tangible effects on inanimate materials as well. All things in the universe are connected in some way. Think back to a time when your car developed 'troubles' or when your home appliances started going on the 'fritz.' Were you cursing your car or home Were you going through a bout of depression, loneliness, anger or stress Your thought energy has a ripple effect on the universe, and it is most magnified in your immediate surroundings. Negative thoughts produce a scattered, disorderly effect.

1 Positive Thinking Is Often Used to Suppress Negativity

Many positive thinkers often judge, suppress, and ignore negativity. They want to hear the good news only and alienate themselves from any negative thoughts or feelings. Such positive thinkers may have many concerns about their financial situation but choose to ignore them. You have probably heard these people say, I don't want to hear any negativity They do not want to face the truth. By alienating themselves from negativity, they sacrifice authenticity, vulnerability, wholeness, and intimacy. Negative thoughts and feelings are not resolved when we suppress, deny, or devalue them. We just function with layers of unresolved problems, which affects our morale, stress level, productivity, and teamwork. It's like putting a coat of fresh paint over rust. Sooner or later, the paint peels off and the rust resurfaces. Suppressing negativity with positive thinking can be very harmful. Many positive thinkers experience severe emotional and financial distress because they ignore negative...

Exercise 22 Connected Breathing For Increased Energy

Powerful effects can be felt by controlling your inhalation and exhalation in a connected way. By gently, but deeply breathing in and out without a pause in between, you can supercharge your system with energizing oxygen. Maintain this connected breathing in a relaxed rhythm (don't force yourself into a hyperventilating syndrome) for an hour a day for 30 consecutive days, and you will feel far more able to successfully accomplish many of the other exercises in this manual. Your stress and negative emotions will dissipate too. There is a merging of your pure life energy with the air you breathe that will send vibrations throughout your body in a cleansing, nourishing way. By controlling your breathing in this way, you can physically extend your life. Connected breathing is a relaxing and natural process that can leave you with a euphoric feeling. It is a very cleansing process that can also clear out physical, mental and emotional blocks. About 3 of the body's wastes are eliminated by...

Key memory principles

Number of mini-meetings to create more beginnings and endings. Make sure the items with which you start and end a meeting are the ones you want people to remember. Don't necessarily leave the item that will be most controversial until last, as it may leave people with unnecessary negative feelings.Take regular short stretch breaks.

2 Conscious breathing

Whenever you feel stressed or start thinking negative thoughts, your respiratory rhythm changes you take shorter breaths, leaving some of the tainted air in your lungs, thus providing your body with less oxygen, which in turn makes you even more tense. As you can see, the effect is very much a vicious circle.

The Mental Software Store

Look around you and find out what the happiest and most successful people in your world have developed as their core beliefs, and then get the same set of beliefs for yourself. Load them onto your mental hard drive and start running the same programs they are running.

Different Forms Of Courage

The fourth type of courage you need is the courage to take a stand, especially with regard to your values, your vision, and your beliefs. You need to stand up for what you believe to be right. You need to stand up for other people who espouse those principles.You need to have the courage to stand solidly for the highest values that you know, and then refuse to compromise yourself or your character because others may disapprove.

7 Counter Example Framing

So Erickson had her go to the library and pick up a stack of the NationalGeographicmagazines. He then asked herto look through them to find all the weird looking women that men found attractive and married. Doing this reframed her belief inasmuch as it gave her multiple counter examples to her limiting belief.

Respond With Optimal Reflection

Suzanne was married to Simon, a man who had great difficulty acknowledging and verbalizing his feelings. Suzanne consulted with me during the third month of their marriage, because she was afraid they might lose their emotional connection. She learned how to serve as an Optimal mirror for Simon. During the first few years of the marriage, she helped him to identify his negative feelings by verbalizing them for him without judgment. In time, Simon began to acknowledge his feelings. He even learned to respect them. Suzanne nurtured emotional intimacy with him by responding with Optimal reflection. Here's an example of how she did it.

The Worst Negative Influence Of

The fourth major cause of negative emotions, according to Ouspen-sky, and the trigger of anger, resentment, envy, jealousy, and frustration of any kind is blame. It is blame especially that generates anger, the worst of all the negative emotions. Anger is more destructive than any force in the human world. Uncontrolled anger destroys health, relationships, families, businesses, and societies, and is the chief generator of wars, revolutions, and social conflict.

Make Excuses For Others

Since your mind can hold only one thought at a time, the instant you start excusing the other person you withdraw the energy or fuel that the negative emotions of anger and resentment require to get going and stay burning. You reassert your mental control. You keep yourself calm and positive. In a little while, the situation passes and you forget all about it. By substituting a positive thought for a negative thought, you get rid of the negative emotion, whatever it is.

Principle 2 Take Aggressive Measures to Manage Preexam Anxiety

At the other end of the spectrum, a tired, lethargic, bored, depressed or negative-thinking student may seem to lack nerves at all. But that's not because he's relaxed. Rather, he's given up before he even enters the examination room Lacking the competitive edge required to do his best on a test, he also ends up performing far below his capacities.

Your Miniselfconcepts

You have a self-concept for how well you do your work, and for how well you do each part of your work. You have a self-concept for how much money you make and how well you save and invest it. This is a critical area. The fact is that you can never earn much more or less than your self-concept level of income. If you want to make more money, you have to change your beliefs about yourself relative to income and money.This is an important part of this book.

The Opinions Of Others

The third major cause of negative emotions, according to Ous-pensky, is inward considering. This occurs when you become overly concerned with the way people are treating you. If you perceive that someone is not giving you the respect that you feel you deserve, you can feel insulted and angry, and want to strike back. If people are rude or indifferent to you, you can experience their behavior as an attack on your personality or character. This interpretation of their attitude or behavior can make you angry or depressed.

Take Control Over Your Emotions

The starting point of eliminating negative emotions is for you to take full control over your thoughts and actions, and to discipline yourself not to express negative emotions when they arise, as they surely will. You may not be able to stop the initial negative reaction to a disappointment or a frustrated expectation, but you can refuse to express it, either to yourself or to another. You can cancel it instantly by saying, I am responsible There are some who say that it is healthy to express the negative emotions of anger, hurt, fear, and doubt. But the fact is that whatever you dwell upon and talk about grows in your reality. A small

Exercise 33 Consciously Creating Your Emotions

Try scene or other calming background music and play it while visualizing to yourself how you would look in a happy scene. Put animals or happy people playing in your scene. Bring all your senses into play. Smell and taste the air. Feel the warmth of the sun and the sand or grass under your feet. See and hear colors and moving action in your happy visualization. Doing this exercise periodically will definitely bring about relief to your negative thought patterns, and you will create a desire to put more relaxation into your life as well.

Imagine Your Perfect Future

Perhaps the biggest obstacle to creating a wonderful life is self-limiting beliefs. Everyone has them, and some people have so many of them that they are almost paralyzed when it comes to taking action. A self-limiting belief is an idea you have that you are limited in some way, in terms of time, talent, intelligence, money, ability, or opportunity. As a result of these beliefs, most of which are probably not true, you hold yourself back from taking the steps necessary to create the kind of life you really desire.

4Worry about missing a critical not or other conjunctive structure

Stay close to someone who can assist you through your Self-doubts and fears. You will be glad you did, and your speed-reading experience will be enhanced greatly. I recommend you do Rapid Eye Technology (RET) or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to relieve the stress of this part of your reading adventure. 2. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). EFT can be used to facilitate goal achievement by aligning your meridians for optimum energy.

Exercise 4 Anchoring Favorable States In Others

Many times loved ones engender ill will and negative feelings toward one another by experiencing negative emotional events together and anchoring them through touch, words or just the sight of each other at the peak of the negative feeling. Later when the anchor is replayed, the negative feeling is also replayed, and often it is assumed it is the fault of your loved one. Just as you can defuse these anchors when you recognize them, you can just as easily provide positive anchors with your loved ones at the pinnacle of powerful positive states that you experience together. Thus, when you choose to anchor the positive states of enjoyment, exhilaration, confidence, satisfaction and enthusiasm with your loved ones, you build and intensify your mutual pleasure and bring about a more constructive relationship.

Exercise 48 Changing Emotions Via Odors

The limbic system governs the primal urges of sex, hunger, anger, pleasure and fear and olfactory impulses have direct pathways to this same center of the brain. Consequently, odors and primitive emotions have a closer association because of this link-up in the limbic system. In one experiment, human subjects were asked to complete a frustrating task as they were exposed to an unfamiliar odor. Later the same negative emotions associated with frustration occurred when exposed to that same odor. Scent manufacturers make millions of dollars each year by capitalizing on this connection in their attempt to emotionally get you to buy a particular product with a favorable odor -- from soaps to perfumes.

Exercise 36 Dealing With Shame Guilt and Blame

When we react instead of consciously acting in our life, we often regret later that we could have done something in a better way. These past events often serve as anchors until you release and let go of any negative beliefs or memories of them. You may have had relationships in your past that you didn't handle the best way that you could. There may be an old hurt, something said in anger or a feeling of being let down or letting someone else down that is lingering in your memory.

Two Forms of Deductive Argument

An opinion is a subjective statement that is based on personal beliefs. For example, Saturn is the most beautiful planet in the solar system. We know this is based on a personal belief because of the word beautiful, which is a subjective and therefore open to debate. Ask yourself, is the statement true for everyone If the answer is no, it is an opinion.

Exercise 216 Boosting Your Brain Power

Your brain chemistry is affected by food and drink, exercise, thoughts, emotions, the air you breathe, etc. Powerful groups of chemicals in your brain react to these factors and can rev you up or slow you down accordingly. Oftentimes you get so accustomed to the way you are that you choose foods, thoughts and habits that will keep you in that state rather than change the routine and change the way you are -even to accepting negative moods as normal and positive moods as too good to last. If you moods are off balance, your intelligence, productivity and overall performance is affected. For example, when emotional interest triggers the secretion of adrenaline into the bloodstream, memory, thinking and sensory acuity is improved. Adrenaline also prompts the release of stored-up blood sugar (glucose) which neurons need for optimal performance, so avoid low blood sugar and artificial sweeteners when doing brain tasks.

Exercise 150 Using Self Healing Thoughts

When you have an ache or a pain, it's the body's signal to you that an area of the body needs addressing. As an exercise, bring your conscious awareness to the painful location and dwell on the area for a while. The connected mind of those cells has to respond to your healing, soothing, energizing thoughts. As you learned in Exercise -- Electromagnetic Field Awareness, your blood volume increases markedly in an area of the body you are consciously thinking about, and with the blood also comes helpful body chemicals and ailment-fighting antibodies and leucocytes. Stay mindful and focused on the painful area and feel it respond. Talk to the area and discuss what you want to take place there. This process often relieves emotional blocks that are tied to the cells there.

Exercise 17 Concentration To Relieve Stress

When you choose to replay negative thought patterns during your normal day, it often keeps you in a negative state. A simple exercise in concentration can do wonders in breaking a negative condition, and it can also give you immediate relief This technique rotates the mind's resonance from negative to neutral to positive, where a feeling of relief is felt. Afterwards, care must be taken not to have the same negative thought sequences shift you back again. Even getting close to doing this exercise correctly will bring about good results, so practice it a lot. It is the precursor to Exercise -- Meditation discussed later.

Exercise 170 Finding Things or People With Intuition

When in a big city, almost everyone has had the experience of looking for a parking place in a congested area. Instead of cursing the situation and creating negative thought impressions, quietly ask yourself in which direction is the nearest parking space. When you get the hang of this exercise, the question turns into a knowingness and you just automatically 'home' in on the right street. You start 'listening' to your feelings as to where to go. There is a kind of an indicator off the skirt of your mind, and it's not so much in the trying as it is in the doing. Follow your initial impressions and urges as to where to look. Let your intuition be your guide and accept the fact that you CAN do it.

Conscious Awareness of Your Dreams

Ever notice how sometimes you're more prone to daydreaming while reading than at other times Daydreaming often occurs spontaneously throughout the day and is also subconsciously oriented. This in the back of the mind imaging sometimes guides your thought patterns toward a preoccupation into negative thinking. Since daydreams are more easily interrupted, practice observing them when they occur. Then interject your conscious influence over the flow and outcome of the daydreams by directing them into a more positive result.

Final Warning

Most people are open to the idea of forgiveness. It is among the core beliefs of most religions, and is taught in psychology and metaphysics. You are probably comfortable with the idea of forgiving most of the people in your life who have hurt you in some way. But there is a great danger.

Fact Versus Opinion

An opinion is a subjective statement based on personal beliefs. Therefore, they are never true for everyone. For example, Hawaii is the most beautiful state in the country. We know this is based on a personal belief because of the word beautiful, which is subjective and therefore open to debate. There are many people who would disagree with the statement, choosing a different state as the most beautiful.

Problem solving

Problem solving is broadly all the processes involved in the solution of a problem, and in psychology is the area of cognitive psychology that is concerned with these processes. Examples of classic puzzles used by psychologists as exercises in problem solving are anagrams, puzzle boxes and water-jug problems.

Terpnos Logos

There is nothing new about the notion that negative thoughts can have a harmful impact on behavior and health. Korzibski, a Russian researcher, observed that verbal formulations like 'I'm always clumsy with members of the opposite sex.' or 'I knew I could never be successful.' or 'I have a terrible memory.' etc. have a paralyzing effect on the individual.

The Law Of Belief

If you absolutely believe that you are a good person with tremendous abilities and that you are going to do remarkable things with your life, that belief will express itself through all of your actions and will eventually become your reality. The biggest responsibility you have to yourself is to change your beliefs on the inside so that they are consistent with the realities you wish to enjoy on the outside. You can always tell what your beliefs really are by looking at what you do. You always express your true values in your actions. You always act on the outside consistent with who you really are, and what you really believe, on the inside. By using the Law of Reversibility, you can develop within yourself the values, beliefs, and qualities you most admire by acting as if you already had them, whenever they are called for by the circumstances of your life. To develop courage, force yourself to act courageously, even when you are afraid. To develop integrity, speak and act with...


Although it is a stretch to go from molecules to cognitive psychology, it is entertaining to think of sins for which protein turnover may be the underlying culprit. The easiest example is transience. Transience is simply the diminution of a particular memory over time. Your memory for recent events is more robust and detailed for recent events than for those from farther in your past. Memory has a half-life because the molecules that store it have a half-life. In the case of those memories stored using a mnemogenic, self-perpetuating reaction, the memory half-life is basically determined by the error rate of the underlying mnemogenic reaction as it replicates itself.

Manage Stress

There's no magical stress buster that works for everyone. You need to find activities and coping strategies that are effective for you. For some people, the answer is yoga or a nature walk for others, it might be listening to music or having a heart-to-heart conversation with a close friend. Exercise is a proven method of relieving stress. Aerobic exercise, such as running, brisk walking, bicycling, and swimming, is an excellent way of burning off stress and negative emotions. Resistance training (weight lifting) is an underappreciated form of exercise with excellent stress-relief effects. ,165


At AnyBiz, the corporate motto is Think positive Positive thinking is revered. Negative thinking is considered inferior and may even be scorned. A positive thinker may feel miserable about the progress of an important project, but puts on a happy face at the office. Burdened with unresolved thoughts and feelings, he or she compromises morale and productivity. Such a positive thinker typically discounts input from those who are labeled negative thinkers. Negative comments are suppressed with That's negative or You need to change your attitude. We only listen to positive comments around here. At AnyBiz, flaws in products, systems, and projects can escape necessary scrutiny when positive thinkers are unwilling to look at what's wrong. Here is an unfortunate scenario At OptiBiz, individual vulnerability is sacred in the workplace. The optimizers embrace negative thinking, emotions, and situations and work together to resolve issues that are raised. At OptiBiz, the personnel have been...

Normas Story

Here's an example of how life can change when you get rid of self-limiting core beliefs. When Norma heard me on a radio interview, she called my office. Although now a successful marketing executive, she was unhappy in her job. She wanted to start her own business but was afraid to make a move. She felt bad because she had not been in a relationship for six years and was overweight. During our private consultations, Norma's self-limiting core beliefs were uncovered and dismantled. She became consistent in her use of Optimal Thinking Some time later, Norma came to an Optimal Thinking for Self-Esteem seminar. She radiated ultimate self-confidence and self-respect. When the participants were tested for negative core beliefs and saw that Norma was free of them, they asked her what it was like. She replied, I am taking full responsibility for my life. I can truly say that I am making the most of it. When you consciously choose to use Optimal Thinking at every opportune moment, monitor your...

Positive Thinking

Negative thoughts bring about the opposite. They disempower you and make you feel weaker and less confident. Whenever you think or say something negative, you give your power away. You feel angry and defensive. You feel frustrated and unhappy. Over time, negative thinking can make you physically ill, and even poison your relationships. Positive thinking leads to mental health and peak performance. Negative thinking leads to mental illness and decreased effectiveness. Your goal, therefore, if you want to live a wonderful life, is to cultivate positive emotions and get rid of negative emotions. The elimination of negative emotions is the most important single step you can take toward health, happiness, and personal well-being. Each time you take complete control over your thoughts and feelings, and discipline yourself to keep them positive, the quality of both your inner and outer lives improves. In the absence of negative emotions, your mind automatically fills with the positive...

You Deserve The Best

As the result of previous destructive criticism, people accept another myth, or self-limiting belief. It is that they don't really believe that they deserve to be successful. This deep inner feeling of undeservingness is quite common among those of us who started off with very little in life, or who came from families that had little money when we were growing up. It can also be caused by people who told us at a young age that to be poor is virtuous but to be rich is sinful.

Increase Your Health

The mental and emotional attitude that you carry with you every day can allow your energy to flow in better harmony. Some people block the flow of the available energy around them with negative thought patterns they create and project from themselves, like worry, doubt, anger, fear, hatred, depression, etc. When you are frequently objecting, saying no or saying I can't, you block the energy flow, and place boundaries, restrictions and limitations around yourself. The benefit of high excitement brings about higher energy, which in turn brings about higher health. High energy people are highly motivated, more positive people, and rarely have time for depression, worry, hatred or other negative emotions. Their mental acuity also increases. So create excitement in your life, and your mental and emotional health will both improve. Watch movies and videos that create a high energy state. Imagine yourself excited, enthusiastic, energetic about something and soon you will find your body...


In the brain, persistent negative memories are thought to be mediated by the amygdala and other limbic areas that respond to fear, anxiety, and emotionally charged information. Several types of psychiatric disorders involve persistent, negative memories. Depression and persistent negative thoughts are linked in a vicious cycle as the depressed person ruminates over real or imagined unpleasant events, his or her self-esteem erodes and the dysphoric mood deepens.

Two Time Periods

Many people spend most of their emotional energies being upset and angry about events that occurred in the past. Unfortunately, this energy is completely wasted. Nothing good can come of constantly complaining about the past. Even worse, the negative emotions kept alive by reliving past events rob you of the joy and excitement that you could experience by thinking about future possibilities.

Master Or Slave

One of your chief responsibilities to yourself is to get your emotions under control. Take charge of your positive emotions rather than allowing yourself to be dominated by your negative emotions. By using your emotions deliberately and purposefully, especially by keeping them positive and focused on what you want, you can put enormous power behind your visualizations, verbalizations, and idealizations.

Stop Justifying

The way you short-circuit the natural tendency toward justification and rationalization is by refusing to engage in it. Instead, you stop justifying. You use your marvelous mind to think of reasons not to justify your negative emotions. Remember, your negative emotions do you no good. They are totally destructive. They do not affect the other person or change the situation. They simply undermine your happiness and self-confidence, making you weaker and less effective in other areas of your life.


There are some participants who for a variety of reasons will try to squelch the ideas of others. These learners automatically respond, Yes, but. , no matter what is offered. My personal belief is that what they do is learned behavior they got from caregivers as children. Their role models likely were poor communicators who failed to give positive feedback or reinforcement to these people often. Pessimists will typically use such phrases as

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