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Seven Minute Mindfulness is an audio targeted at using the most natural way to maintain a good focus and the mindfulness people need for their daily activities. It combines the various religious methods to reach a balance in ensuring the users reach the highest point of mindfulness they can ever attain. To help them reach this height, the program had been prepared to take only seven minutes of your time. Pending the time of its usage, the users will not have to spend a lot of time dealing with it. The Seven Minute Mindfulness was designed to be used on any device. Getting started is simple and will take just a few minutes after ordering. It comes with various bonuses like The Seven Minute Mindfulness Guidebook (A digital manual that comes along with the audio version); Your Little Book Of Mindfulness Exercises (A digital guide to some exercises that can be practised in the house)The product is in a digital format of Audio messages and has been created at a very affordable price. In case it does not meet their demands or desires, the users have the right to ask for a refund of their money within three months. The implication is that they are given the chance to try it at home and if they suddenly become sceptical or grow cold feet, they will get a 100% refund. More here...

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Highly Recommended

I've really worked on the chapters in this ebook and can only say that if you put in the time you will never revert back to your old methods.

This ebook served its purpose to the maximum level. I am glad that I purchased it. If you are interested in this field, this is a must have.

Exercise 152 Shifting Your Conscious Awareness

By shifting your conscious awareness to one of your arms and holding it there, you can increase the blood volume and pulse in that arm (review Exercise -Electromagnetic Field Awareness ). By shifting your conscious awareness to the tasting areas of your mouth and tongue, you can increase the saliva flow. By shifting your conscious awareness to a headache area, and questioning yourself about it (the opposite is what you normally do), you dilate the blood vessels in that area and relieve the vascular constriction causing the so-called headache (review Exercise -Headache Relief ). Conversely, if you have a minor cut and shift your conscious awareness away from the wound, you help to constrict the blood flow. One Israeli researcher, Ilan Shalif, Ph.D., has found that holding your focus on an ailing part of the body for several minutes each day will bring the body's defenses to the area to repair it These are all physiological effects brought about by shifting your conscious awareness. Now...

Conscious Awareness of Your Dreams

The term lucid dreaming describes the experience of consciously recognizing during a dream that you are dreaming. By involving your conscious awareness in a subconscious activity, you can learn to control the content of your dream and its course of action. The more mindful and fully conscious you are in your normal waking state, the easier it will be for you to master the lucid dreaming state. Review Exercise -- Mindfulness Improving Your Conscious Awareness to sharpen your lucid dreaming state. As a variation of the former method, simply count and affirm just before retiring, I am dreaming, One -- I am dreaming, Two and so on. Attending to the counting process keeps your conscious awareness vigilant to what you intend to do. For those people who tend to fall asleep rapidly, this method can have you counting straight into dreamland.

Conscious Awareness

Mindfulness takes practice like everything else. Most people conduct their daily activities without consciously 'attending' to many physical or mental processes. It's not laziness, it's just that you've practiced it more and it's just easier. You drive a car without thinking of shifting the gears. You brush your teeth, comb your hair, eat your food, walk to the house and do daily chores all automatically. When you attend to the pressure of your foot against the floor or to the sound of a whistle in the distance, you are consciously aware and focused on it. You can also be mindful of the taste in your mouth, an odor in the air or even an inner thought process. If you focus your attention to a spot on the wall, you can even direct your conscious awareness to various points around that spot without shifting the focal point of your gaze (see Exercise -- Improving Your Peripheral Vision Awareness ). When listening to an orchestra, you can attend to the entire musical piece or you can...

Exercise 7 Relaxation For Improved Awareness

To begin, assume a comfortable, seated or reclined position. Now close your eyes, and take several easy, deep, abdominal breaths. When you inhale, say to yourself, I am, and as you exhale, say to yourself, relaxed. Now starting with your toes and feet, bring your conscious awareness to each foot, and flex and relax each one individually. Say to yourself, In every way I am feeling better and more relaxed. Now move up to each leg and flex and relax each leg. Now be aware of your buttocks. Flex and relax your buttocks. Now bring your conscious awareness to your abdomen and stomach areas. Feel those areas flexing and relaxing. Now focus attention to your back area. Flex and relax it. Now flex and relax your chest area. Now flex and relax each hand and arm. Feel the sensation of your shoulders flexing and relaxing. Feel your neck muscles relaxing and becoming soft and heavy. Be aware of and feel the muscles in your mouth, nose and eyes relaxing. Let your jaw become loose and let your...

Exercise 9 Making Better Choices Getting Unstuck

Being mindful of what you say, think and do is only the first step in altering your behavior to obtain better results. The next step is the willingness to get unstuck from such behavior. You can know the right nutrition, the right exercise, the right emotions to have and the right environment to enshroud yourself in, but unless you have the will, desire, incentive or motivation to act on what you know, the knowledge cannot get you to a better place. You can have low energy or have various aches and pains or be ill or have a low self-esteem, but you can overcome all of these obstacles with your human will power So how do you activate that volitional part of yourself that can make better choices Through practice. To get unstuck from set patterns, practice doing things differently for a change. You have to be willing to experiment with yourself for this exercise to work. Whatever your set behavior is, do exactly the opposite of what you normally would do. That's not such Get into the...

Exercise 149 Headache Relief

To begin with, stop affirming your so-called headache is a headache. Call it a so-called headache. This initiates doubt for the subconscious that the pain is even really there. Next, query yourself about it. How big is it The size of a marble, golf ball or soft ball Does it throb Is the pain sharp or dull Point to where in your head you feel it, and bring your conscious awareness to the area. Is it surface oriented or subsurface oriented Is it long or short Picture in your mind its appearance. Does it have a color Is it hollow or solid Let your answers be what first comes to your mind. Where is the so-called headache now Continue visualizing and describing the so-called headache until it vanishes. Preoccupation with these mental questions and answers takes the mind off the tension which brought about your head pain. Whether it is vasodilation or vasoconstriction of the cranial blood vessels, just shifting your conscious awareness to the pain area brings about a more normalized blood...

Exercise 153 Pain Control Via Detachment

Now stand in a comfortable, relaxed position with your eyes closed. Do some steady abdominal breathing for a couple minutes and assume a balanced position. Now become aware of your left arm and raise it over your head. Feel the muscles flex as you stretch it all the way to your fingertips. Bring your conscious awareness to each set of muscles in your hand, arm and shoulder and feel the way they move. Now lower your arm. Now raise your imaginary or mental left arm, and flex and stretch it the same way. Feel the muscles move as if it were your real arm. Alternate flexing your real arm and then your mental arm several times. Do the same thing with your right arm, experiencing as much feeling in your mental arm as possible. Alternate several times. Now extend both real arms out from your sides and rotate them in circles, then reverse the direction. Make the circles bigger. Do the same thing with your mental arms. Alternate back to your real arms, then your mental arms again. Repeat...

Exercise 32 Achieving Autonomic Muscle Control Cooling The Forehead

With this exercise, imagine a cool breeze blowing across your forehead. To get the right feeling, actually stand in front of a fan to see how it feels at first. Then afterwards visualize the same feeling in your mind, but don't focus your conscious awareness on your forehead or you will bring about a warm blood flow into the area.

Exercise 99 Improving Your Kinesthetic Awareness

Do the same with your toes after taking off your shoes and socks. While seated flex, twist or move the various muscles in your legs, stomach, chest, shoulders, back and neck. Explore yourself and direct your attention to your different muscle groups for more conscious control. Once your conscious awareness discovers or strikes upon the correct motor and neural pathways it is seeking, the kinesthetic flexing activity can be repeated and refined. In this way, some people have learned how to move their ears in different ways. When you practice this exercise, you'll soon learn that you have much more control over your muscles than you may have thought.

Exercise 24 Alternate Nostril Breathing For Mood Control

Practice this exercise two times a day for 15 days, then increase the proportion time to 6 seconds for inhalation and 12 seconds for exhalation. Do this twice a day for another 30 days and you'll notice your low, mid and high breathing automatically improving. Your tension and stress in life will sharply lessen as well. You can vary this exercise by visualizing the incoming air having an energizing color of your own choosing. Put your conscious awareness into each breath, and see and feel the air as you draw it into your lungs.

Exercise 123 A Multiple Hearing Acuity

Neural ear cells were once considered as irreplaceable as neural brain cells -- once destroyed, no replacements could be grown thereafter. The loud noises of guns, rock music and big machinery all can obliterate ear neurons. Can being more conscious of sounds improve auditory acuity One researcher found that those people who enjoy loud music or attend more to it suffer less hearing loss from it than those who don't enjoy it. By directing your conscious awareness to a finely tuned listening discernment, there is a more refined usage of the ears, and corresponding brain centers governing the ears. To assume that because you have ears, you are listening and attending to sound is just as absurd as to assume that because you have a brain, you are thinking. Both skills are learned with practice. If neither ear or brain cells are put to much use, naturally their rate of deterioration will be increased with their corresponding lack of use. In a country field, on a city street, or at a beach...

Exercise 171 Lightning Calculating

To initiate the right brain's innate ability to calculate instantaneously, count your footsteps from 1 to 100 rhythmically as you walk or run, and observe simultaneously the sights and sounds with your 'conscious awareness' while still automatically counting. When you reach 100, start all over again. When the process becomes automatic, this simple drill can be expanded to reciting the 2's table -- until that too becomes automatic.

Exercise 103 Improving Your Tactile Discernment

This exercise gives you practice in transferring your conscious awareness to your fingertips. Using a pair of dice and without looking at them, discern the number on each side of a die with your fingertips alone. Do the same with various dominoes. Is your left hand or right hand better at discernment Even though right-handed blind students read better using the center finger of their left hand, they are taught to read braille by using the left index finger for the first half of the written line and the right index finger for the remaining half. Could some sighted, touch-inclined students perform better in school if they were taught to read braille textbooks

Exercise 189 Audio Telepathy

As an exercise, practice with a partner (preferably someone you know well) in a separate room. Assume a comfortable, relaxed position and take a few deep breaths. Affirm to yourself that you believe you are telepathically receptive. Still your mind by visualizing a large blackboard or a giant snowbank. Now look at a photograph of the person in the other room and visualize that person in your mind's eye. Establishing this conscious awareness of the sender helps you to produce a resonant frequency and enhances telepathic reception.

Focusing Your Observations

You have already learned some of the best ways to increase your awareness. To improve problem solving and decision making skills, you will need to take this awareness to the next level by focusing. No matter which way you are informed, you will need to apply yourself to get the most out of the information you receive. You must

Exercise 45 Physical Tension Release

As an exercise, begin identifying your current physical state to a partner. Then let your partner do the same with you. Now consciously scan your whole body while sitting in your chair. Describe to your partner any areas of physical tension, strain or poor posture. When you discover an area, stay in the area with your conscious attention for a few minutes and describe any feelings that come to you while you are doing this. Now reverse the roles, and let your partner do the same thing. Since your personality can change with a change in physical posture, being more mindful of how you sit, stand and walk during the day might also bring about more positive changes in the way you act. Even the way you hold your facial muscles affects your personality. Those suffering from multiple personalities often have different prescription glasses with each personality, because their facial muscles are held differently in each personality Even smiling and laughing more can make a big difference.

Take Action Right Where You

Focus on the present moment and on your current situation. Don't wait for things to be just right. It is you who will make things just right. By throwing your whole heart into what you are doing every minute, you will open up doors of opportunity that are not now visible to you.

Exercise 19 Concentration On Emptiness

Sit in a comfortable position and relax with your eyes closed for a few moments. Now just observe your thoughts creeping into your consciousness, each one clamoring for attention -- daily events, emotional problems, future desires, etc. Now imagine you are in a completely dark room with a large picture window covered by a black blind. There is no pattern to the blind. It is just black. Concentrate now on that blind without allowing any distracting thoughts to intrude. If they do, push them back out of the way. Simply continue to concentrate on the black blind. When you can hold an expression of complete blankness for just a short time, you will begin to have a different perspective, where time and distance take on a new meaning. Continued practice gives you better and better control over the sundry idle thoughts constantly trying to invade your consciousness. When you can control your thoughts during your daily life, you're one giant step further on your ladder of progressive...

Exercise 114 Vibrational Sight

Several hours through the exercise, you begin to move about with greater speed. Twilight glimmers of the outside world and the people around the room begin to unlock your inner perceptions of awareness. Have the people sleep blindfolded, and on the second day, eat blindfolded as well. You will begin to experience on the second day an awareness through vibrations. Objects, furniture and walls seem to announce themselves upon approach. Movements outside among the trees and shrubs also become surer and quicker as the realm of vibrational sight expands itself. It must be mentioned here that it is extremely important to have the right guide during this exercise, for feelings of panic and helplessness can easily invade your consciousness. Also, if you have had a problem with mental instability, this exercise is not recommended.

Denial Is Not A River In Egypt

Abraham Lincoln wrote, Most people are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be. In the Foundation for Inner Peace's Course in Miracles, it says, You give meaning to everything you see. Without the meaning or emotion that you attach to an event or circumstance, it has no emotional significance for you. And you can change the meaning by controlling your thinking. You can even eliminate its negative effect on you altogether by refusing to become emotionally involved in a short-term setback. It is up to you.

Center of Creation Imagery

Bring about a feeling of inner relaxation in the whole body concentrate on the body and become aware of the importance of complete stillness. . Develop your awareness of the body from the top of the head to the tips of the toes and say in your mind My mind is still, still, still and my body is relaxed, relaxed, relaxed . . Complete stillness and complete awareness of the whole body say again in your mind My mind is still, still, still and my body is relaxed, relaxed, relaxed. . Continue your awareness of the whole body the whole body the whole body. . State your intent to yourself at this point. The intent will be very simple discover one naturally. Develop an intent to say at this time. . Make it a short, positive statement in simple language stated three times with awareness, feeling and emphasis. . In this wonderful space there is quiet, serenity, peace. It is also a magical space. Above is the pineal, the key to your spiritual connection with higher consciousness. Below you is the...

Exercise 51 Journal Writing For Emotional Calming

Another exercise in emotional coping can be writing down an overview of your life story or a brief autobiography of yourself. You might begin by writing about whatever memorable words and phrases you can remember from your childhood. Without realizing it, many of these early shoulds and should nots & dos and don'ts may be inhibiting your freedom, censoring your awareness and restricting your energy. Honestly evaluate what you've written and determine for yourself whether

Exercise 199 Speed Reading At Over 2000 WPM

The parafovea is an area that surrounds the fovea and can take in much more information with your peripheral vision. The parafovea is connected to other areas of your brain that govern instinct and reflex. The light that hits the parafovea is subliminal information (beyond the conscious threshold). When tachistoscopic blips are flashed at 1 100th of a second throughout a movie, they are subliminal and not consciously noticeable until you are told that they are there. Then your conscious awareness can easily see the quick flashes. Training your subconscious awareness to acknowledge this peripheral visual input for interpretation by your conscious awareness is the process of speed reading. Also remember that your mind will have the tendency to want to complete things that appear uncompleted (see Exercise -- Completion ). So as the words flow past your eyes, your mind will develop the ability to complete the text as thought forms. The training procedure involves moving down the page and...

Identifying Framesof Reference

Given that we process information through various frames, the problem in finding these frames rests in that most of them lie outside conscious awareness. Once we put our thoughts in reality boxes, and say 'Yes to them, we live out of these frames, and get used to them as our models of reality. They then filter our very perspective. They function as our sense of reality. Comprising our beliefs, learnings, and decisions, these frames also establish our identity.

Exercise 198 Understanding Any Spoken Language

The portion of the human mind that allows this process to take place may also be linked to the same faculty that allows telepathy to take place As you learned in the telepathy exercises, when you read another person's mind who thinks in a foreign language, you are really reading the thought intention of a transmitter's words, not the words themselves. If you have mastered lucid dreaming (review Exercise -Lucid Dreaming Conscious Awareness of Your Dreams ), you may also be surprised to learn how understanding other languages in the dream world is quite easy when language tapes are played during the sleep-learning process (review Exercise -- Sleep-Learning ).

Storying Restorying Framing

The Meta-Model theoretically explains that metaphor works by presenting a surface structure of meaning using the surface statements that comprise the story's content. At this level we just heara story. Yet at the same time, the deep structure of meaning activates ourtransderivational searches (TDS) to find references in our own library of references which then connects us to the story at deeper unconscious levels. Yet this primarily occurs outside of conscious awareness. We unconsciously make connections. mind-lines can introduce new strategies, meanings, states, ideas, etc. Metaphorical mind-lines can outframe beliefs with all kinds of new resources. The primary difference simply lies in this. The metaphoricalmind-lines operates apart from conscious awareness. Further, we can use story and narrative as as if formats to try on new meanings. These mind-lines then not only offer us improved ways to speak more elegantly and professionally, they offer us ways to manage our states, enhance...

Exercise 176 Learning Self Hypnosis

Self-hypnosis quiets many of the interfering factors of the left brain to allow more control over your right brain functioning to take place. It's like shifting your conscious awareness to a subconscious realm. If you've mastered lucid dreaming (review Exercise -- Lucid Dreaming Conscious Awareness of Your Dreams ), you already know what a different version of the same thing feels like. This shifting of your conscious awareness also allows analgesic feats like sticking a needle through your arm and experiencing no pain, infection or ill effects. Research has shown that To begin this exercise, go to your bedroom after dark and extinguish all lights except one -- about the intensity of a nightlight or candle. Arrange the light so your eyes look upwards or slightly higher than a straight ahead look. Now lie down in bed or get comfortable in an armchair. Breathe abdominally and rhythmically for a few minutes and let your mind wander. Start to relax all the muscles of your body by...

Exercise 184 Astral Projection Techniques

As an exercise, choose a time when you're completely alone. Lie down and relax in a comfortable position (review Exercise -- Relaxation For Improved Awareness ) and take 10 to 20 deep, abdominal breaths. Now while breathing slowly and with your eyes closed, imagine yourself in a room on the second floor of a house. There is a window in front of you. Go to the window and open it. Imagine yourself floating out of the window and looking down at the ground. Now float back into the room and over to your body lying on the bed. (You could also visualize the sensation of falling through the air once you're out of the window.) Hover over your body from 6 feet in the air and look down at yourself. Concentrate and feel your conscious awareness hovering at a point 6 feet above you. Imagine yourself very light and observing your own body features from 6 feet away (review Exercise -- Pain Control Via Detachment ).

Exercise 107 Electromagnetic Field Awareness

Sit or lie down in a comfortable, relaxed position and take a few deep, abdominal breaths. Do Exercise -- Cleansing Breath For Better Health to charge up your body. Then completely relax yourself and tune into the energy radiating from your body (see the life energy measuring device in the back of the book). Imagine it pulsating in a wave-like action and sense the feeling of it emanating from your body. Now imagine that you are expanding this energy field to about 3 feet from your body. Put your conscious awareness into it and let it flow outward. Gradually expand it some more until it reaches 9 feet from your body. Visualize how this would look and continue to expand it even further to about 15 feet from your body. To assist the process, create an excited, positive, emotional attitude while doing it. Now slowly pull the energy field back to your body in a progressive way, but this time draw it in even closer than it normally would be. To contract the field, create a glum, negative,...

Exercise 110 Improving Peripheral Vision Awareness

The parafovea is an area that surrounds the fovea and can take in much more. The parafoveal cells are connected to other areas of the brain that govern reflexive or instinctive responses. To illustrate this, have a partner hold a dollar bill by its end with his thumb and forefinger. Place your thumb and forefinger in about the middle of the dollar bill in an open, ready position. When your friend lets the dollar bill go without warning, close your thumb and forefinger upon it as quickly as possible. Was it too fast for you Now do the same experiment, but this time don't look at the dollar bill with your focal vision. Look at it by projecting your conscious awareness into your peripheral vision. Did you catch it this time Were your reflexes better Most of the visual information that hits the parafovea is subliminal information (beyond the conscious threshold), but it doesn't always have to be that way. As an exercise, focus your eyes on a single point on the wall. Now without looking...

Exercise 81 Concentration Eidetic Imagery

As a further exercise, cut a 15 X 15 square of white construction paper and paste a 6 diameter circle of sky blue paper in the middle. Attach it to the wall at about eye level, and seat yourself in a relaxed position about 3 feet away. With closed eyes, visualize your mental blackboard. Now open your eyes and look at the blue circle. Mentally zoom in towards the circle and then back out again. Repeat several times. Next, while looking at the center of the circle, mentally rotate your conscious awareness around the circle -- slowly at first, then faster and faster, then back to a slower revolution, then stop.

Exercise 120 Simultaneous Motor Coordination

Most people realize that they can see, smell, hear, taste and touch simultaneously, but examining closely how you attend to each of these functions, you discover that your conscious awareness is limited (see Exercise -- Mindfulness Improving Your Conscious Awareness ). In the beginning stages of learning a new task, the cortex crackles with electrical impulses and an increased blood flow. After the task has become sufficiently learned, the action no longer needs your conscious awareness to attend to it. The new neural pathways are established, and electrical activity and blood flow are reduced. Perhaps a subconscious awareness takes over, but a multiple brain functioning can now be accomplished with the new learned activity while maintaining only a flashing back and forth of the conscious awareness to reflect upon what is going on. Tap dancing, typing on a typewriter and playing the piano all had to be consciously attended to when first learned, but later became 'automatic' enough...

How to develop your faculties of sensory exteriorization and astral travelling

Whatever the explanation (it could be a combination of all three theories), the ability to project your consciousness outside of your body is a faculty that can be developed. 2. Gradual exteriorization of the senses. Yoga provides an excellent method for doing this. You start by concentrating on your feet and calves, focussing on the sensations in these parts of your body. Then you direct your awareness upward, imagining that your energy body is able to separate itself from your physical body and float above it. As you do this you no longer feel any sensations in your feet or calves. Repeat the process, focussing on other parts of your body, until you reach your neck, at which point you will feel your energy body flooding into your head, like a torrent racing through the narrow opening of your throat. You will then feel your consciousness escaping out the top of your head. When it is completely free, it can be sent anywhere you desire.

Exercise 50 Managing Your Anger

Research studies have shown that anger increases your heart rate, boosts high blood pressure, encourages the clogging of your arteries with chloresterol and increases your overall risk of heart attack. If you deal with your anger by consciously recognizing and embracing it when it is happening, you don't have to allow it to rule your behavior in a blur of unconscious action. You allow the brain to shift its activity from the lower limbic system to the higher cerebral cortex. By being mindful and attentive to anger when you experience it, you can acquire conscious management of it while maintaining a better understanding of yourself. Through this process, you must keep yourself from self-criticism or self-judgment over your anger as to whether it is wrong or right. Just learn from each episode and consciously observe your anger for a better outcome each time you experience it.

Exercise 177 Self Induced Trance

There are many ways to suspend the analytical side of your brain to produce an altered state of awareness. Brainwashing occurs with an overload of words or arguments or demands for concentration -- thus exhausting the analytical side of your brain. Deprivation of food or sleep or sensory stimuli can suspend your analytical brain. Jogging, marching, dancing, swimming, rhythm, narcotics, cadence, music, chanting, flashing lights and the monotone of a hypnotist's voice can shift your awareness into a trance-like state. Rally leaders, mobs, drill sergeants, politicians, preachers, hard sell salesmen, con artists and tough teachers shut down your evaluating left brain by loud, strong or persuasive language and hit the emotional right side of the brain by displaying authority, forcefulness or by creating a state of peer acceptance in you.

Exercise 162 Learning Blindfold Chess Playing

Now close your eyes and imagine the board still in front of you. See all the same features in your mind's eye this time. Hold the image for 30 seconds then open your eyes. Compare the inner image with the outer one. Notice any aspects you were not aware of when visualizing. Close your eyes again and repeat the exercise. Next, repeat the same procedure with all the pieces on the board. After completing this, close your eyes again and visualize the pieces from different angles. Imagine yourself overtop of the chessboard looking down at the pieces or from the side of the board or from the opponent's position. This teaches you that you can move your inner conscious awareness around the chessboard at will.

Exercise 128 3Letter Word Calisthenics

Now write 30 three letter words on a sheet of paper and visualize them in your mind's eye while writing them (review Exercise -- Mindfulness Improving Your Conscious Awareness ). Next, remove the list and write your list from memory alone. Don't copy the list, but do this from memory. Write them as completely as you can and check each time to see how close you came. Now after mastering the list, write them all backwards in a continuous flowing rhythm. This allows your mind to break out of the rut of seeing words in only one way.

Exercise 20 Meditation

For beginning meditators, the simple exercise of observing and attending to your breathing is a good one. Choose a quiet place and assume a comfortable position in a chair with your spine erect. Relax, close your eyes and bring your conscious awareness to the rhythm of your breathing. Say to yourself, I am mindfully aware of breathing in, and then I am mindfully aware of breathing out. You don't even have to recite the whole sentence. Just say, breathing in and breathing out, to keep your mind on your breath. Notice the rising and falling of your abdomen as you breathe. Let your body become still while you inhale steadily and slowly. Feel the flow of your breathing. Notice how each breath cleanses and nourishes you. As thoughts intrude upon your consciousness, allow them to come and go without giving them further energy. Just witness the thoughts and bring your awareness back to your breathing. As you practice, you will gradually start to detach from these thoughts and cease your...

Exercise 29 Achieving Autonomic Muscle Control Calming The Heartbeat

In the beginning, do this exercise lying down. Do the warm-up of Exercise -Achieving Autonomic Muscle Control (Limb Heaviness), and then repeat the heavy to warm formula 3 times. Now mentally bring your conscious awareness to your heartbeat. Become aware of it in your chest or in the pulse of your wrist or wherever. At first, resting your hand on your chest might help.

The Magic of Language

They do so at a primary level of consciousness. They know things and experience the meaning level via primary associations. But human consciousness has a reflexive quality. And this reflexivity ushers us into ever higher levels of awareness so that we become aware of our awareness, and then aware of that awareness of awareness, etc.

Exercise 108 Electromagnetic Tactile Discernment

Your body has electromagnetic lines called meridians along which acupuncture points lie. Inextricably interwoven with these lines are the electromagnetic energy fields encompassing your body. Before doing this exercise, do Exercise -Concentration to Relieve Stress to prepare the mind for clearer perception. Sit in a relaxed position and face a partner with your palms extended over theirs, but not touching them. Direct your conscious awareness to your palms and discern the energy exchange there. No doubt some of the warmth you feel will be the body temperature of your partner's hands, but there are other energies perceivable as well. For a different exercise, have a partner move behind you to within one foot of your body. Identify to yourself how this feels to you. Now allow your conscious awareness to move up and down your back to pick up and become aware of any subtle changes in heat or magnetic flux. Now consciously project with emotion your electromagnetic energy field toward the...

Imaging Modes and Goal Setting

Close your eyes for a moment Imagine a table Imagine a vase on the table And 5 red roses in the vase Imagine you could walk up to the vase and smell the roses Tap the vase and listen to the sound Now, step back and change the roses to another kind of flower Now, change the color of the flowers to another color Now open your eyes fully present and in the present moment

Techniques to Improve Your Memory

Emotional awareness means being consciously aware of your emotions in relation to an event. Memories are registered best when the event has emotional meaning but doesn't overwhelm you with extreme anxiety or stress. This is why weddings and funerals are indelibly etched in our minds, yet there may be some parts that are simply not registered properly in memory because the emotions were too overwhelming. Focusing on the exact emotion you felt during the event will help you remember it better.

How To Remember The Time Of An Appointment

The whole purpose of the mental diary is to improve your awareness of future engagements and plans. There is nothing to stop you from using it in conjunction with a written diary. The sight of a doctor standing by a well, for example, need only be a reminder of the day. You can always then check the time of your appointment in a diary.

Reversing Presuppositions As a Meta State Move

Thus if you start with anger and outframe it with calmness and presence of mind (a couple of typical opposites to anger), the presuppositions within calmness and mindfulness, in setting a higherframe, completely transform the lower level presuppositions within anger. Now we have calm anger an anger that has a very different quality from freaked-out anger or out-of-control anger. For an entire presentation of meta-levels, the range and nature of their interfacing relationships, meta-stating processes, etc. see Hall, 1995, 1996, 1997.1

Exercise 97 Improving Your Kinesthetic Instincts

A man delivering consistently good tennis shots across the net is exhibiting this unconscious faculty in his accuracy. If an opponent comments to him about his remarkable play, his conscious awareness more likely will interrupt the fluidity of his kinesthetic swinging and his timing will invariably be disrupted. The spatial variables of the tennis game are more completely understood by the non-analytical side of the brain. One way to disengage the verbal, analytical side of the brain from interrupting your play is to say, Bounce whenever the ball bounces, and Hit whenever it hits the racket. This procedure takes your mind off the analysis of your shots. Less involved kinesthetic activities like walking, running, bicycling or shifting car gears are less easily disrupted. Balancing, juggling or doing gymnastics require more synchronized coordination. To improve your bowling or your shooting of a bow and arrow, distract the analytical side of the brain by bringing your conscious...

Exercise 28 Achieving Autonomic Muscle Control Limb Warming

Each autogenic exercise in autonomic control should be mastered before moving on to the next in sequence. Right now do one cycle for limb heaviness of the arms and legs. It should take you less than a minute. Once heaviness is established, begin the exercise for warmth. Say to yourself, My right arm is getting limp and warm, 6 to 8 times. Then repeat, My right arm is getting warmer and warmer, 6 to 8 times. Then say, My right arm is completely warm, 6 to 8 times. Then say, I am feeling completely calm. Using your imagination, actually feel your arm getting warm. Remember a time in the sun when it really was warm or actually go into the sun and remind yourself how it feels. Actually sustaining your conscious awareness in a certain body area will automatically bring a blood flow to that body area and an accompanying warmth at the same time, so you should master this exercise quite easily.

Exercise 55 Developing Quick Thinking

One way to get the words to flow quickly when you're upset is to simply read aloud a page out of a book as fast as you can. This is also a good method to use in pulling yourself out of a depressive, hateful or lonely mood (but not for chronic conditions). The conscious effort is so intense to keep the rapid speed going that your emotional doldrums simply pass away as your awareness is shifted to a cortical task. Time yourself for speed and read the same page again, but go faster this time.

Exercise 1 Identifying Your Emotional States

If you were drunk or addicted to something or mentally aberrational, could you recognize that your behavior was different Do you know what makes you cry or what makes you angry Unless emotions are intensely experienced, many people find difficulty in describing or relating to their feelings. They sometimes even deny experiencing the emotions of love, fear, anger or pleasure, because of the lack of conscious awareness of such emotions. People may even feign love or pleasure to cover up unhappiness and low self-esteem. Some obese people are unable to tell the difference between being fearful, angry or hungry, and so they lump all those feelings together as hunger. Then they feel better about themselves by eating. The hunger for food and sex also gets confused in some people, whereby food is then used to gratify sexual frustrations. Sexually promiscuous people sometimes cannot distinguish between lust, compassion, sorrow, gratitude, kindness -- and love When you practice identifying your...

The Power Of Forgiveness

Just imagine how you would feel if you had no anger toward anyone at all in the whole world. Imagine being a completely positive, optimistic, cheerful person, with high levels of self-esteem and enthusiasm and unlimited self-confidence. Imagine being a warm, friendly, loving person filled with feelings of calmness and inner peace. All this is possible for you when you practice forgiveness.

The Two Hemispheres Together

AIL memory trained or untrained) is based on association. Perhaps the single most important way to remember information is to associate it with something you already know. This process helps keep you aware of the information you want to remember. It increases and improves your awareness and observation of what you want to remember. Thus, your original awareness is initiated. Anything of which you are originally aware is more difficult to forget. When you apply a system of association it forces original awareness. Observation is essential to original awareness. Anything you wish to remember must be first observed using association to assist you.

Exercise 15 Consciously Disciplining Yourself

When someone expresses anger towards you, you can get angry back at that person OR you can choose to get conscious and not respond with anger. If you consciously examine the emotions of the limbic system (anger, sex, fear, and pleasure) as they occur in you, instead of experiencing them automatically like a knee jerk, their dominance over you is minimized. By directing your conscious awareness into the subconsciously directed urge, the lower regions of the brain no longer dictate to you what you need. Who normally thinks about fear, sex, anger or pleasure They simply occur and direct your life like a gut impulse without the tedium of conscious, directed thought, right The limbic system requires 1 5 the energy that the higher frontal brain centers require to operate, so without practice using the cerebral cortex, it is just easier for people to use the limbic system.

Exercise 118 Closing Off One Of Your Senses

You inadvertently drop mental curtains over certain of your senses every day by not directing your conscious awareness to them. Thus, various forms of stimuli in your environment go totally unnoticed. So-called people with 'one track' minds are most effective at doing this. The more 'multi-aware' you are, the more concentration is necessary to shut down your other senses. Hold an object in front of you, and bring your conscious awareness into focusing your total attention to it. Notice small details, scratches or imperfections about it. What makes it different from other objects Question yourself about it and don't allow any distractions to interrupt your thought. Do this exercise for about 60 seconds, and you'll notice your sense of hearing go dormant. With practice, you'll be able to read in the noisiest environment without distraction.

Exercise 111 Using Your Peripheral Vision

When you take a walk, consciously throw your awareness into your peripheral vision and recognize the things around you. Look at the horizon and see everything in the 180 degree range in front of your eyes Doing this exercise consistently will actually quiet your internal dialogue and even stop your entire thought processes. After mastering shutting off your internal dialogue, you can move on to mastering even more complex exercises. Doing these and other such drills will not only help you to make more use of your peripheral vision, but they will also stimulate many formerly overlooked brain cell areas as well.

4Worry about missing a critical not or other conjunctive structure

Awareness exercises (refer to Support Exercises). As your conscious awareness becomes more acute, so will be your ability to do what you believe now to be miraculous. As you awaken from your sleeping consciousness to an awareness of who you are beyond the body and the behaviors, you may come to understand that you are much more than you can begin to conceive. With the understanding of how great a being you really are, light speed-reading is simply a small characteristic of such a great being.

Exercise 150 Using Self Healing Thoughts

When you have an ache or a pain, it's the body's signal to you that an area of the body needs addressing. As an exercise, bring your conscious awareness to the painful location and dwell on the area for a while. The connected mind of those cells has to respond to your healing, soothing, energizing thoughts. As you learned in Exercise -- Electromagnetic Field Awareness, your blood volume increases markedly in an area of the body you are consciously thinking about, and with the blood also comes helpful body chemicals and ailment-fighting antibodies and leucocytes. Stay mindful and focused on the painful area and feel it respond. Talk to the area and discuss what you want to take place there. This process often relieves emotional blocks that are tied to the cells there. It's good preventive practice to give yourself a nightly visualization affirmation for all your bodily parts to heal and repair themselves. Do this while consciously bringing your awareness to each area of the body in a...

Exercise 17 Concentration To Relieve Stress

Choose an object, a geometric design, a picture or a candle flame, and while in a relaxed position, direct your TOTAL conscious awareness toward observing it. Empty your mind of all thoughts and distractions as if nothing else existed except that object or picture. Purposefully blank your mind of internal comments, evaluations or stray pictures. Do this for 60 seconds without interruption. If an interruptive thought occurs, or your conscious awareness fleets even for a moment to an extraneous sound or other sensory stimuli, start over again, but do this for one full minute. To illustrate, look at the black dot in the middle of the circle for 1 full minute without distraction.

Exercise 156 Weight Control

Before retiring for the night, talk to your fat and know that it will dissipate soon. Direct your conscious awareness into it. Massage your overweight midsection while you express assurance and visualize your fatty cells breaking up and sloughing away. Give your midsection this expectation directive. Visualize the microscopic process of it flushing through your system, and your allowing it to do so. Make the definitive statement, I want to be lighter. Think and feel yourself thinner. Stop trying to lose weight then your subconscious doesn't have to help you find what it hears you lost. Simply release the weight. Through these conscious directives, your body will respond.

Exercise 181 Past Life Fantasy or Regression

Depending upon your school of thought, this exercise can be a remembrance of lives past or simply an exercise in thoughtful fantasy. It is not hypnotic and it ordinarily conjures up images that heretofore you had no conscious awareness of. Whatever your philosophy, it surely is interesting.

Exercise 112 Seeing With Your Skin Body

As an exercise to begin distinguishing colors with your skin, purchase various colors of construction paper that all have the same texture grain. Test yourself with your eyes closed as to whether you can distinguish any differences. Now just as you shifted your conscious awareness into your peripheral vision in the Exercise -Improving Peripheral Vision Awareness, shift your conscious awareness to your fingertips for optimal discernment. About 10 of people tested have been found to have an already existing color-distinguishing ability. (Kinesthetic people learn this ability faster than visual and auditory people.)

Exercise 115 Seeing The Human Etheric Body

Another technique is to extend one index finger vertically away from your eyes and look at it. Then put your other index finger in front of the first. Begin moving the back index finger away from you slowly while focusing on its movement. After reaching arm's length, begin slowly moving it back to the first finger. Repeat the process, but this time focus on the moving finger, while directing your conscious awareness to the ghost finger (review Exercise -- Improving Your Peripheral Vision Awareness ). Do this several times. Now reverse your hands, and repeat the process. Afterwards, close your eyes and visualize in your mind's eye this back and forth, 2-finger process. By practicing these drills, seeing the etheric body will come quickly and easily.

Super Memory Section

Exercise 119 - Mindfulness Improving Your Conscious Awareness 199 Shifting Your Conscious Awareness 255 Exercise 167 - Lucid Dreaming Conscious Awareness of Your Dreams 277 3) As you go through your morning ritual, be as conscious as possible without going unconsciously into an automatic mode (Exercise - Mindfulness Improving Your Conscious Awareness). To assist this process, do things in a different order than usual or use your non-dominant hand for various tasks, like twisting off bottle caps, stirring your coffee, combing your hair, brushing your teeth or buttoning a garment (Exercise - Learning To Be Ambidextrous). 9) When eating your daily meals, consciously attend to the process. Observe the food intently, smell it, chew it slowly, savor the subtle flavors and how your teeth, tongue and gums react to each morsel (Exercise - Mindfulness Improving Your Conscious Awareness).

Who Thinks Optimally

Consider Brian and Lynn, both physicians and Optimal Thinkers, who have been happily married for twenty years. When asked about the success of their relationship, Lynn said, We take complete responsibility for our own feelings and behavior, and do our best to make the relationship the best it can be. Our favorite phrases are, 'What's our highest priority What is best for both of us ' Brian explained, Whenever we have an argument, we embrace the present moment, observe our inner reactions, and explore what we are doing to cause them. We then figure out the best solution for both of us.


Perhaps no other concept in contemporary memory science is more controversial than recovered memory. Recovered memory refers to the recall of a previously repressed memory. Repression is a psychological defense mechanism that forces a highly disturbing event out of conscious awareness in order to protect a person from anxiety. When a repressed memory emerges into consciousness, it is said to be a recovered memory. Recovered memories are most often cited in cases of early childhood trauma in which the victim was assumed to have unconsciously repressed a horrific experience, keeping it locked away from conscious awareness for years. Proponents of recovered memory believe that the experience of the traumatic memory is provoked, either gradually or abruptly, by an event or another stimulus that the person consciously or unconsciously associates with the trauma. Sigmund Freud believed that repressed memory formed the basis for neurosis. Some psychotherapists facilitate...

6 Life Is a Struggle

Many people create struggle by refusing to accept what is in the present moment. The intensity of your struggle is directly related to your degree of resistance. The present moment is all there is, all you have, and all you will ever have, so it is senseless to resist it. By resisting the eternal present, you are resisting life itself. By disiden-tifying with your resistance and observing it, you discover your innermost power. You access the full might of your own conscious presence. Instead of judging and resisting the present moment, just allow it to be. Accept it as if it were your own choice. This will give you an experience of freedom from external circumstances, and authentic inner peace. Once you accept the present moment and work with it rather than against it, life starts working for you rather than against you. You can resolve unacceptable external situations by accepting them completely, optimizing them, or removing yourself from their influence. Just take the most...


If you don't appreciate what you have, you may as well not have it. When you count your blessings, you can generate your most positive feelings. It is truly in your best interest to develop and maintain an Optimal attitude of gratitude. Start with what you appreciate most about the present moment. Celebrate the opportunity to create your best life by choosing to be your best self in every given

The True Gods Arrive

Nature wants you to be happy, healthy, prosperous, and fulfilled.Your destiny is to experience joy, harmony, love, and the greatest of all human blessings, peace of mind. And just as a gyroscope knocked off balance returns to an upright position, your life and emotions return to peace and joy just as soon as you stop doing and saying the things that move you away from a sense of inner peace.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra, or the yoga of waking sleep, consists of a complex series of exercises designed to induce the sophronic state. Caycedo developed the technique while studying with some of the greatest yoga masters in India at the time. Which exercises are used depends on the subject. Some, like focussing your awareness on each body part, are extremely pleasurable. Now shift your awareness to your right ear.

Steps of the Game

1) After PhotoReading the dictionary, relax a while within yourself. Allow a word from the pages you have PhotoRead to gently and easily come into your conscious awareness. It may feel as if you are making up this word, since you did not read the pages of the dictionary with your conscious mind.

More On Mind Probing

To mind probe effectively, you must learn to be fluent and flexible in your thinking. You must learn when and how to modify questions you are asking depending upon the information you have and the information you want. Mind probing by forming questions will activate your mind effectively and bring more information into conscious awareness.


The same goes for hearing you have to allow the sound you're listening to to penetrate you, and learn to open your ears without making any forced effort. You could listen to the ticking of a clock for a moment, or the noise of a moving tram, to reinforce your awareness of hearing.


The Body Mind Link for Inner Peace Being at peace is the wonderful state of mind and body where all is calm, where thoughts are quiet and serene, and where muscles are relaxed and comfortable. In this article, you'll learn how to attain this inner peace in a matter of minutes. Once you are adept at controlling your mind and body, you are always only one simple thought away from perfect peacefulness. You can will perfect peacefulness at any time. You will be able to move out of stressful situations immediately. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps to train yourself. A little practice is all that is required. But, you must take the time to direct the mind and body in positive ways so that you can ensure the pleasures of inner peace. The next step is to quiet the mind. Start by bringing your awareness into this present moment, here and now. By doing this you can effectively eliminate distracting or troubling thoughts. Any anxieties about the future or tensions from the past...


Most people worry about forgetting things, but sometimes you remember things that you wish you could forget. Persistence is the tendency to continually revisit a memory it can be something mildly annoying like a song that sticks in your head or it can be a troubling or a traumatic event. Persistence often has an intrusive quality in the sense that you experience the disturbing recollection as a thought or an image that is forced into your awareness. As for people without psychiatric disorders, what's the best way to eliminate a persistent memory Don't try to ignore it. Research shows that willing yourself to avoid thinking about something makes you think of it all the more. It's better to let a persistent memory run its course. Eventually, it will intrude upon your consciousness less and less until it finally recedes altogether.


In instances that call for your awareness you must pay careful attention. Concentrate on what you are observing or hearing. Sometimes the most critical piece of information is tossed out as inconsequential, an afterthought that you might miss if you are not fully aware. For example, your teacher explains an assignment at the end of class. He writes on the board the period of history you are to write about and suggests some sources of information. After many of your classmates have closed their notebooks and grabbed their backpacks, he mentions that your papers must be no longer than six pages. If you had not been paying attention to all of his instructions you would have missed this critical piece of information.

Focused Observation

This lesson is about increasing your awareness in order to better participate in decision making and problem solving at home, at work, and or at school. To improve your critical thinking skills, you must become more attuned to your environment. If you consistently pay attention to what goes on around you in a focused way, you will be able to recognize when your input is needed. Becoming a more effective decision maker and problem solver involves focused observation. This skill is crucial in helping you to increase your awareness of your surroundings and situations. It means you must not only take in information about what is going on around you, but you must do it as effectively as possible.

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