Welcome to the World of Photo Reading

Make a personal commitment to yourself now to complete the PhotoReading Personal Learning Course. You may listen to these tapes anytime and anyplace that is convenient for you.

The PhotoReading Personal Learning Course will help you to develop the skills of PhotoReading. Therefore, you will need to DO things, notjust HEAR things. Each tape provides exercises that let you practice the components of the PhotoReading whole mind system.

Your personal situation may not always permit you to complete an assigned exercise right when you come to it, especially if you are driving in a car. That is fine. It is better to go on listening and complete the exercise later.

This course manual serves three main purposes: 1) it supports and expands on the lessons from the tapes; 2) it contains exercises to help you better learn PhotoReading; and 3) it provides an excellent review of the program.

Ideally, set aside a specific time and place to listen to each tape session and work with the course materials. Begin with Tape 1, Side A. If you follow the instructions on each tape, you will know how to continue. You can listen to more than one tape in a day. Some tapes, however, suggest that you wait between listening sessions or perform exercises before going on. Others suggest that you wait until the next day before continuing.

Repeat listenings will help you fully understand the important points and help your new skills integrate into your daily reading.

In addition to a tape player, it is helpful to have the following items:

• a pencil or pen for writing notes and answers

• colored pens or markers for mind mapping

• a stopwatch or clock with a second hand for timing periods of time, not reading speeds

• a small hand mirror for the "Star of Wonder" game on pages 20 and 21

Listen to the Memory Supercharger Paraliminal Tape several times per week, ideally in the evening before sleep to improve concentration and memory.

In the back of the book, The PhotoReading Whole Mind System, is a certificate to receive a free Personal Genius Paraliminal Tape. Mail the certificate along with the shipping and handling charge today, and then listen to Personal Genius periodically to help access a resourceful state of mind.

Enjoy your PhotoReading Personal Learning Course to the fullest. Have fun applying the PhotoReading whole mind system and winning all the benefits in life that these powerful skills will give you.

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