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Paraliminal Tapes are audio learning programs that represent a significant breakthrough in human development. They help individuals overcome internal obstacles and achieve goals through application of the latest educational technologies.

This article explores the foundations of Paraliminal tapes and gives direction to those seeking to use more of their natural learning abilities.

Paraliminal defined

"Para" is the Latin prefix meaning "beyond." "Liminal" refers to the "limen" or "threshold" of conscious awareness. It literally means, "beyond the threshold of conscious awareness."

The term was coined, in part, to distinguish it from "subliminal" which means, "below the threshold". In psychological literature, subliminal refers to information that cannot be consciously perceived.

With Paraliminal, the listener can hear separate messages coming into each ear, but it is beyond the conscious mind's ability to process both messages simultaneously for more than a few moments. The result is an enjoyable multi-level communication to different hemispheres of the brain. The listener can choose which message to attend to, and one's attention will switch from time to time. Consequently, the conscious mind hears the tape differently with each listening session. Yet, the other-than-conscious receives the entire message each time.

Accelerative Learning

The Paraliminal technology can be most readily identified as an application of Suggestive-Accelerative Learning and Teaching (SALT) methodologies. These instructional methods use a combination of physical relaxation exercises, mental concentration, and suggestive principles. These are intended to strengthen a person's ego and expand his or her mental capabilities while material to be learned is presented dynamically with relaxing music.

One premise behind accelerative learning is that as humans we operate with the unity of our conscious and other-than-conscious mind. Another important premise is that suggestion is key to using our mental reserves that can accelerate learning. The use of these techniques according to Dr. Owen Caskey (1980), "permits information to be absorbed more readily by the individual by bypassing emotional barriers which accompany most learning activities and it results in a larger percentage of learned material being retained in the long-term memory area of the brain."

With accelerative learning techniques, education has been found to be faster, more enjoyable, with high retention rates, while the self-concept of the learner is enhanced.

Paraliminals have been designed using the theories and methods of accelerative learning. This collection of unique learning techniques accelerate the listener past their blocks and into new ways of achieving his or her learning objectives.

The second most significant foundation in the design of the Paraliminal technology is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Known as "The study of the structure of subjective experience," NLP is an extension of several sciences. Developed by John Grinder and Richard Bandler, it has its roots in linguistics, neurology, and psychology.

NLP is a model for understanding the basic processes used by all human beings to encode, transfer, guide, and modify behavior. "Neuro" stands for the idea that neurological processes cause all behavior. "Linguistic" refers to the way that neural processes are represented, ordered and sequenced into models and strategies through language. "Programming" refers to the way internal sensory systems are organized for the achievement of specific outcomes. NLP is known as "The New Science of Achievement."

Paraliminal Tapes employ the NLP technology in several ways. First, in the development of special linguistic structures to ensure ideal suggestions are presented. Second, in the creation of specific therapeutic patterns to enhance the process of learning and change. Third, in the delivery of messages on the tapes, including the choice ofvoice qualities, music phrasing and tonal marking, as well as the selection of sensory specific language.

The Link between SALT and NLP

SALT and NLP technologies share the common goal of using communication to accelerate the process ofhuman learning and change. Both are equally concerned with the medium and the message. Both stress the importance of process rather than content. And central to both models is the use of therapeutic and educational suggestion.

The Paraliminal Tapes apply these two technologies along with sophisticated digital audio imaging effects and production techniques.

Following are highlights of how Paraliminal Tapes use accelerative learning in their design.

Ten Principles of Accelerated Learning

Early in this century, Professor William James claimed that very few people live up to their full potential. "As a rule," he wrote, "men habitually use only a small part of the powers which they actually possess and which they might use under appropriate conditions."

It wasn't until much later that a systematic effort in the field of human memory and learning bore out what Dr. James had realized. In the 1960's the extensive research of Dr. Georgi Lozanov, a Bulgarian psychiatrist, developed a new approach to accelerate learning and use the superpowers of mind. He applied elements of suggestion techniques and relaxation to classroom learning and termed the methods Suggestopedia. This was the beginning of accelerated learning.

Paraliminals have incorporated this approach using ten interdependent principles that support accelerative learning methods as described by Dr. Owen Caskey. These are:

1) "A comfortable, attractive learning setting increases acquisition and retention." Paraliminal Tapes make use of this by encouraging the listener to create just such an environment prior to listening.

2) "A relaxed state (physically and mentally) enhances learning and retention." Paraliminal Tapes induce such states prior to the learning session.

3) "Bilateral hemisphere input into the brain (whole-brain learning) increases acquisition of new material." Paraliminal Tapes are recorded in stereophonic 3-D sound, giving independent messages to each ear.

4) "Simultaneous use of the conscious and unconscious learning (double-planeness) makes learning easier and more productive." Paraliminal Tapes have linguistically structured, indirectly suggestive messages to engage the paraconscious mind, while delivering direct suggestion to the conscious mind.

5) "An organized methodology (components and sequence) overcomes the anti-suggestive barriers which reject or inhibit new learning." Paraliminal Tapes deliver specific step-by-step instructions to lead the listener through the learning process.

6) "Methodology emphasizing didactic, psychological, multi-sensory, and artistic elements increases learning and retention." Paraliminal Tapes make specific requests of the listener. In addition, valid psychological principles are used for content along with 3-D special effects, environmental sounds and original score music used to create a unique internal sensory environment.

7) "Enhancing of psychohygenic conditions focuses concentration, while a musical background relaxes, resulting in increased recall and long-term memory." Special attention is given to offer strong self-esteem building messages on all Paraliminal Tapes. The music is especially written and arranged to create optimal mental concentration.

8) "Retention is increased if information is viewed as being credible and from an authoritative source." All literature on Paraliminal Tapes published by Learning Strategies Corporation uses client testimonials and stresses the legitimacy of the underlying technologies. Also promoted are the academic and professional credentials of the tape developer, Paul Scheele.

9) "A positive and encouraging learning atmosphere increases learning and retention.'' Paraliminal Tapes have been carefully scripted, to the subtlest detail, to ensure positive wording and goal orientation.

10) "Success in learning heightens self-concepts and promotes personal adjustment and self-confidence." The increments of progress in learning are kept reasonable to ensure success with each listening.

The application of these ten principles is rigorous and practice of them requires a ubiquitous shift in educational philosophy for most teachers. As shown above, Paraliminal audio cassette learning technology is a direct application of the principles set forth by researchers. The Paraliminal technology, like accelerated learning, is on the cutting edge of human development technology and produces remarkable results.


Findings in the literature on human development, learning and therapeutic change, point to a new age of personal and professional growth. Because of decades of pioneering efforts on all fronts, new vistas are being realized that seemed unattainable a few short years ago.

"We are only now on the threshold of knowing the range of educability of man."—Dr. Jerome Bruner, Harvard University.

Innovators in learning and human development technologies are needed. The challenge is to create brain-compatible learning methods that are cost effective, enjoyable to use, and achieve the necessary results. Learning Strategies Corporation has introduced one such innovation with the Paraliminal technology of audio cassette learning.

When someone approaches a learning situation, as purchasers of audio cassettes do, they come with a two-sided mind. Developing the whole brain is essential so that the learner has access to all ofhis/her mental abilities. The Paraliminal Tapes are the only commercially available audio learning cassettes to do this so completely.

Paraliminal Tapes apply the new learning theories and principles, advanced in the last ten years to improve the human condition. Incorporating these greater understandings of the mechanisms of learning and change has opened a door to our higher potential. What new possibilities would you like to uncover?

"Human beings possess capabilities of mind, literally beyond genius. "—Dr. Barbara Brown, physiologist, developer of biofeedback.

For an expanded version of this article, please request a free copy of "The Foundations of the Paraliminal Technology" from Learning Strategies Corporation.

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