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PhotoFocus Study Skills

Maintain a Steady State Business Reading

Page Turning Changing Careers

Close with Mastery Memory Improvement

PhotoReading Session with Book 1 Goal Setting

Creating an Action Plan

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Mind Probing Closing Activating with Super Reading and Dipping


Step 1 Prepare

Step 2 Preview

Step 5 Rapid Read

PhotoJieadincf liiKole "FW System

Step 4 Activate

Step 3 PhotoRead


Six Parts of the PhotoReading Step

1) Prepare

This is your time to physically get set for PhotoReading and to become clear about your intention.

2) Enter Accelerative Learning State

Here you will become physically relaxed and mentally focused. Entering this state of body and mind will help you absorb information you PhotoRead.

3) Affirm Concentration, Impact, and Outcome

Affirming your desired end result helps make sure everything you PhotoRead will have the effect you desire.

4) Establish PhotoFocus State

PhotoFocus is a unique way of looking at the printed page so that the preconscious part of your brain mentally photographs the pages as you flip them in front of your eyes.

5) Maintain a Steady Internal State

You will use a number of techniques that will help you remain in the accelerative learning state as you PhotoRead.

6) Close

Finish the PhotoReading session with a sense of mastery. This ensures the conscious mind and the other-than-conscious mind will work together to activate what you have PhotoRead.

It is helpful to remember your brain already has the capacity to PhotoRead at phenomenal speeds. This course is not giving your brain a new capacity. It is helping you to recognize and release your brain's natural abilities.


How to PhotoFocus

"Cocktail Weenie Effect"

Hold your hands about eighteen inches in front of your eyes, and bring the tips of your index fingers together. With a focal point somewhere beyond your hands, maintain relaxed, divergent eyes.

Rather than looking at your fingers, notice what is in your visual field.

Viewing with Soft Eyes

Open your vision so that you see all four corners of the book. Relax your gaze as if you could see the room on either side of you.

Notice the empty margins and the white space between the paragraphs.

Perhaps you can even imagine an "X" connecting the four corners of the book.

Maintaining A Steady State

These tips will help you remain in the accelerative learning state when PhotoReading:

• Remain in an open posture. Ideally, rest your feet on the floor, and keep your legs uncrossed.

•Hold the book at a 45 degree angle to the table and a 90 degree angle to your eyes.

• Breathe deeply and evenly.

•Turn the pages of the book in a steady rhythm.

•Do not concern yourself if you miss pages. Just let them go. You can always come back to them on a second run through— upside down and backwards.

•Continue to chant to the rhythm of your page turning. Let your conscious mind follow the words of the chant.

•Let go of distracting thoughts by bringing your conscious mind back to the activity at hand.

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