Step 4 Activation

Activation of PhotoRead Materials

Throughout the PhotoReading Personal Learning Course you have been involved with four stages of learning that can accelerate learning. The first stage is an introduction, equivalent to "previewing," to gain a superficial exposure to the information. The second stage is called PhotoReading. This is where you expose your brain to all of the information without attempting to think about it consciously. The third stage, "incubation" allows the other-than-conscious mind to make the necessary neural connections and associations that allow for later comprehension.

The final stage of accelerative learning is called "activation." This is designed to restimulate the brain by becoming actively involved with the information you are learning. This triggers a connection between your inner mind and your conscious mind. The idea is to playfully engage the mind so that it can demonstrate competence with the information you desire.

The PhotoReading whole mind system uses several activation techniques including various mind probing exercises, super reading, dipping, and mind mapping. When activating you must engage a minimum of three intelligences (see page 51) to make sure you access information that may be stored in nonverbal regions of the brain.

The first few activation steps you take with the material will help build and clarify your purpose. Information you gain with each step refines your next step. For example, the first time you super read you might understand only a small amount of information, but the brain is now warmed up to receive higher quality information on the next pass.

Steps of Activation

Mind Probe

_Playwith the physical book, letting yourselfwander through the pages. Formulate questions that you are curious about and want to answer.

Super Read

Super read sections that attract you. Dip

Dip into and read select passages as you are moved to do so, but never more than a page or two at a time. Search for the specific answers you desire.

Mind Map

Activate the material through mind mapping, dreaming, acting, drawing, discussing, recognition games, or in any other comfortable way.

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