Recognition Game Book

The PhotoReading Whole Mind System by Paul R. Scheele 53,500 words


1. It is okay to begin reading by closing your eyes.

2. Super reading and dipping are described with a metaphor about Batman.

3. Trigger words are key words.

4. A jeweler used the super reading and dipping techniques at a trade show.

5. The mind map in the front of this manual is the same as the one on page 6-11 of the book.

6. The icons with the light above Einstein's head indicate that unless you plan to be another Einstein, you can skip the adjacent paragraph.

7. The ideal posture for PhotoReading is sitting upright, with the book propped at a 90 degree angle to the table.


8. Paul Scheele associates PhotoReading with a. drinking water from a fire hose, b. using bass bait while whaling, c. eating a delicious cherry pie.

9. PhotoReading uses the a. conscious mind, b. left brain only, c. brains natural ability.

10. PhotoFocus state a. uses your sense of sight to input information directly into the other-than-conscious mind, b. is like hard focusing on individual words, c. is the same thing as defocusing.

11. "Tip of the tongue" phenomenon is about a. speech impediments, b. memory, c. flexibility.

12. A computer programmer learned that by PhotoReading pages of code a. he starts to speak the code, b. he recalls codes, c. he quickly discovers program bugs.

13. Rapid reading is the most a. like wind surfing, b. like regular reading, c. right brain of all the techniques.

14. When preparing, it is not important to a. state your purpose, b. enter the ideal state of mind, c. use divergent eyesight.

15. Traditional schooling works mostly with which two intelligences?

a. Logical-Mathematical and Linguistic .

b. Interpersonal and Intrapersonal.

c. Musical and Bodily-Kinesthetic.

16. Paul illustrates "going into the spin" with an example about a. grocery shopping, b. flying a plane, c. using a washing machine.

17. We cannot change our old reading habits by using a. an alternative view on reading, b. new choices, c. elementary reading skills.

18. The PhotoReading whole mind reading system can accommodate a. all kinds of reading, b. everything but novels, c. only specific types of reading.

19. According to Frank Smith, making the effort to memorize the content as we read a. aids comprehension, b. interferes with comprehension, c. does not affect comprehension.

20. The tangerine technique is used to a. aid digestion.

b. create a fixed point of attention, c. turn pages better.

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Helping Your Child Learn To Read

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