More on the Photo Focus State

Photoreading Cocktail Weenie Page

Locate the Point of Awareness

As you read, imagine the tangerine on the back of your head, and notice how your visual field opens.

Move your eyes smoothly across the lines of print. "Cocktail Weenie Effect"

Hold your hands about eighteen inches in front of your eyes, and bring the tips of your index fingers together. With a focal point somewhere beyond your hands, maintain relaxed, divergent eyes.

Rather than looking at your fingers, notice what is in your visual field.

Doubling the Line on a Page

Draw a line down the center of a piece of paper.

Draw the image of two fingers almost touching on either side of the line.

Focus your eyes beyond the page and begin to perceive the cocktail weenie effect with the drawings of the fingers.

Notice two lines on the page in your visual field. The "Blip Page" in a Book

Gazing through the center of a book, notice the four edges of the book and the white space between the paragraphs.

Notice the doubling of the crease line and the rounded curve or "blip page" between the doubled crease line.

Self Help Affirmations

Self Help Affirmations

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