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Super reading may require several passes through text at high speeds. Feeling attracted to certain words is your inner mind's way of communicating what is meaningful and what is not. Like the instruments of an orchestra warming up before a concert, the different parts of your mind harmonize and connect as you super read and refine your purpose.

When super reading, steadily move your eyes down the center of the page and allow yourself to pay attention to words that attract you. The faster you do this, the easier it will be for your conscious mind to stay free from distractions. Subsequent passes increase the amount you will recognize.

The primary skill behind super reading is sensitivity to your mind's subtle communication. Like following a hunch or intuition, allow yourself to be guided to the specific answers you seek. You might be aware of an eye movement toward some part of the page, a gut feeling urging you to stop, an inner voice, or a picture in your mind.

When you maintain the state of relaxed alertness while super reading, you will connect to meaning within the text. When you are out of this state you will be reflecting upon your process of super reading and not in the experience itself. It is common to go in and out of the ideal state, so the goal is to become skilled at asking and answering questions that help you stay in state while super reading.

If, after super reading you are concerned that you have missed something important, then mind probe. Ask questions such as, "What is an example of something I have not noticed yet?" or, "What is another example of something important to this topic?"

Mind probing works with super reading to help you discover the information you want. Ask, "What is an example of something I want to remember?" Then super read and notice what you discover.

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