Mind Mapping

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How to Mind Map

You can finish activating by creating a mind map. Mind mapping, an idea put forth by Tony Buzan, is a whole mind technique for creatively making notes. Your mind maps are highly individual and reflect your thoughts. The images and associations that promote your long-term memory will be unique to you. The basic guidelines for mind mapping include:

• Put the core concept in the center of the page. Ideally draw a picture.

• Write supporting concepts on connecting lines radiating from the center.

• Use key terms only—often they will be trigger words identified in your preview. Express each concept in three words or less.

• Include visual elements—cartoons, images, symbols, icons—wherever they seem appropriate.

Two of the best books on mind mapping explain this technique in more detail. They are The Mind Map Book by Tony Buzan and Mapping Inner Space by Nancy Margulies.


Mind Mapping

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