How to Rapid Read

Once you have used the first few steps of the PhotoReading whole mind system on a particular piece of written material, you may still desire more. The next step, rapid reading, entails starting at the beginning and going through to the end. Consider rapid reading the entire piece once lightly if it contains information that will serve you in the future.

The difference between rapid reading and elementary reading is that you do not stop to ponder what you do not understand. Your speed varies, depending on the complexity and importance of the material and your prior knowledge.

For example, when rapid reading sections you have already super read and dipped, move fast. When you come to sections that do not fit your stated purpose, zip by them in a flash. Other times, slow down to make important new connections.

All the while, you read fluently and actively in a relaxed state of alertness. If you become distracted, again imagine the tangerine on your head to fix your point of attention.

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