How to Photo Read

1) Prepare

Before beginning the PhotoReading procedure (or any reading), always state your purpose. Clearly state to yourself what you expect to get from the materials.

2) Enter Accelerative Learning State

By the procedure of "3 to 1," enter the resource level, a relaxed state of alertness for learning.

3) Affirm Concentration, Impact, and Outcome

Give yourself a series of positive affirmations that will direct the material you PhotoRead into your inner mind and insure it has the impact you desire. For example:

"As I PhotoRead, my concentration is absolute."

"All that I PhotoRead makes a lasting impression on my inner mind, and is available to me."

"I desire the information in this book, (title). to accomplish my goal of

(your personalgoal).

4) Establish PhotoFocus State

Bring your point of awareness to a place just above and behind your head. To accomplish this, you can imagine the feeling of a tangerine resting on the back of your head.

As you open your eyes, relax your vision and look over the top of the book, or right through the center. Notice the four corners of the book as well as the space between the paragraphs. Have your focal point comfortably beyond the book until the blip page becomes visible.

5) Maintain a Steady Internal State

Become aware of your deep, even breathing before your eyes in a steady rhythm.

Turn the pages of the book

Chant to the rhythm of your page turning by mentally repeating: "Re-lax.. .Re-lax. Four-Three-Two-One. Re-lax...Re-lax. Keep the State...See the Page"

6) Close

Affirm your mastery of the material you have just PhotoRead. "I acknowledge all feelings evoked by this experience and allow my inner mind and body to process them and I am curious in how many ways I will notice how this information supports me." Invite the conscious mind to let go while your inner mind processes all that you have PhotoRead.

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