History Of Photoreading

March, 1981. Learning Strategies Corporation was founded as a Human Resource Development consulting firm.

Fall, 1985. Paul Scheele developed the prototype PhotoReading course.

January, 1986. Learning Strategies Corporation introduced PhotoReading to the general public in Minnesota.

February, 1986. The Minnesota Department of Education began the approval review process of PhotoReading.

March, 1986. Learning Strategies Corporation held the first in-company training.

May, 1986. The Minnesota Department of Education licensed Learning Strategies Corporation as a Private Vocational School. The license is renewed annually through the Minnesota Higher Education Coordinating Board.

May, 1988. PhotoReading was first taught internationally in Europe.

November, 1993. The first edition of The PhotoReading Whole Mind System book by Paul R. Scheele was published.

Developer. Paul R. Scheele, MA

Paul R. Scheele, MA, co-founder of Learning Strategies Corporation, is the principal designer of PhotoReading. He began his work in Human Resource Development in 1975. Paul's educational background includes adult learning, psychology, biology, neuro-linguistic programming, accelerative learning, educational kinesiology, and preconscious processing. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Minnesota and his Master's degree from St. Thomas University. Paul developed the Paraliminal technology of audio cassette learning. In addition to his program design work, Paul is involved with public speaking and corporate consulting.

Co-Developer: Patricia Danielson

Patricia Danielson, president of Accelerated Learning Institute of New England, was the first PhotoReading instructor outside of Minnesota. She was certified by Paul Scheele in May, 1986, and has facilitated PhotoReading seminars throughout the world. She has significantly influenced the evolution of PhotoReading and earned the status of PhotoReading Co-Developer. Patricia is an internationally acclaimed learning specialist.

Special Acknowledgments

Special thanks go to the creative people that put their talents into the PhotoReading Personal Learning Course including Pete Bissonette, Susan Savvas, Jon Fargo, Marshall Trowbridge, and Brad Johnson. Thanks also to the many talented and insightful associates who have contributed to the successful implementation of the PhotoReading course worldwide.

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