Guiding Questions

1) What is your goal?

2) What specific behaviors could you perform during the next few days that would move you in the direction of your goal?


Consider the following activities to develop your skills each week:

Don't practice, use

Do not kid yourself into thinking that you are going to create artificial time to practice techniques. Most people will not. Just use it! No matter how tempting it may be to revert to inefficient reading habits, follow the steps of the PhotoReading whole mind system before reading in any other way.

Play games with your peripheral awareness

Notice the whole visual scene while driving, and be aware of whatever is happening in your peripheral vision.

When walking, look at the world with a soft gaze toward the horizon. This lets you see everything without hard focusing on anything.

Relax when you want to remember names and other information that you know. Allow yourself to recognize bits of information in the periphery of your conscious awareness to help trigger full recall.


Preview and PhotoRead a book or more each day.

Activate important materials with mind probing, super reading, dipping, and mind mapping techniques.

Allow for incubation by previewing and PhotoReading one day, and activating the next. This makes full use of the brain's ability to create neural associations.

Whole mind read

Whenever you have reading to do, use the PhotoReading whole mind system. Page 62 describes ways you can approach different types of materials with different steps of the system.

Expand your internal awareness

Play the dictionary word recognition game on page 13 and Tape 1, Side B.

Notice how your dreams activate materials you have PhotoRead.

Pay attention to the feelings evoked by PhotoReading emotionally charged materials.

Keep ajournal of any benefits you realize in your life. You will be amazed at how many good things start happening—many of which you cannot tie directly back to PhotoReading—but which spontaneously began when you PhotoRead positive and uplifting books.

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The Path To Positive Thinking

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