Analytical Reading

Analytical reading is more complex and systematic than the PhotoReading whole mind system—less intuitive and more demanding. It is thorough, complete reading—the most meticulous kind of reading you can do. If the PhotoReading whole mind system gives you the best and most complete reading possible given a limited time, then analytical reading is the best and most complete reading that is possible given unlimited time.

Always intensively active, analytical readers must ask many well organized questions of what they are reading, which is hardly ever necessary if your goal in reading is simply information or entertainment. Analytical reading is mainly for the sake of bringing your mind to a higher level of intellectual understanding. Such understanding is almost impossible unless you have at least some skill in critical thinking and analytical reading strategies.

There are two stages of analytical reading. The first stage examines what the book is about in terms ofits essential unity and the author's intent. The second stage examines what the book says by interpreting its contents for the author's message.

Stage One: Analyzing Structure

Rule 1: You must know what kind ofbook you are reading, and you should know this as early in the process as possible, preferably before you begin to read.

Rule 2: State the unity of the whole book in a single sentence or at most a short paragraph.

Rule 3: Set out the major parts of the book, and show how these are organized into a whole by their relation to one another and to the unity of the whole.

Rule 4: Find out what the problems are that the author addresses.

The PhotoReading whole mind system helps you accomplish this first stage very quickly.

Stage Two: Analyzing Contents

Rule 5: Find the important words and through them come to terms with the author.

Rule 6: Mark the most important sentences in a book and discover the propositions they contain.

Rule 7: Locate or construct the basic arguments in the book by finding them in the connection of sentences and gathering them together. Put the basic argument of the book together in a nutshell.

Rule 8: Find out what the author proposes as solutions.

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