The mental laboratory

Think of the mental laboratory as a room, existing in your mind. It has a table, a couch, two chairs, all kinds of audiovisual equipment including a telephone, television, sophisticated speaker system, giant wall screen, etc. There's also a large calendar, a large clock, a computer, a bookshelf, an elevator, a door, a medicine cabinet, and shelves for various tools, musical instruments, and devices.

The room can be located wherever you want, out in the countryside surrounded by nature, or on top of a tall building in the middle of a bustling metropolis. What is important is that you feel totally secure, relaxed, ready to concentrate, whenever you are in that room. All the techniques and exercises you perform while in the alpha state can be carried out in this room.

The following examples suggest how you could use your mental laboratory for practical purposes.

Example 1: I wake up one day and discover that I've lost my wallet. I check my pockets, my briefcase, but I can't find it. I concentrate, trying to recall where I last used it. I can't be sure. I put myself in the alpha state, visualize myself entering my mental laboratory. I change the date on the calendar and the time on the clock to correspond to when I think I lost my wallet, in this case the previous day. Then I sit down on the couch and relive what I was doing at that time. I had a number of meetings that day. First meeting, I still had the wallet. Second meeting. yes, I still had it. Third meeting. when it was over I gathered up my papers, put my wallet on the table, intending to pick it up later and then. I got into a conversation with someone and left the room with him. That's it! That's when I lost it.

Instead of getting all upset and running around searching frantically for the wallet, a few minutes of alpha concentration tells me exactly where to find it. I emerge from the alpha state, call the company where I had the meeting and.Yes, they found the wallet, they were going to call me.

Example 2 : I usually find it very difficult to summon up a mental image of someone close to me. I don't know why, but the image is always blurred and imprecise. The harder I try, the more the image tends to fade.

When I started using my mental laboratory, I was surprised to see the faces of persons I know appear on the room's TV screen. The images were extremely precise, I could see the color of their eyes, the texture of their skin. I had never been able to do that before.

Creating some kind of imaginary support mechanism for our mental functions, and making use of the symbols common to our own century - symbols representing communication, knowledge, action, and so on - seem to short-circuit inhibited cerebral pathways and create new, more effective ones in their stead. And of course the mental laboratory can also be used for developing paranormal faculties like telepathy, double vision, premonition, post-cognition, and so forth.

I have never encountered two mental laboratories that were exactly the same. Some people like to bury their special room underground. Others construct their lab on another planet. The materials people choose are also interesting: steel, wood, stone, glass, plastic, carpets, leather, luxurious or ascetic, antique or futuristic, etc. These choices always seem to correspond to the deepest, most heartfelt aspirations of their creators, providing them with the peace and harmony that is so often lacking in their day to day lives, where they find themselves besieged by colleagues, clients, secretaries, ringing telephones, TV, radio, traffic, children, etc. It is only while relaxing in their dream laboratory, gazing out at the scenery of their choice, that they feel completely secure. This feeling leads to increased self confidence, which is extremely important for preventing inhibiting reflexes from blocking out subconscious imaging.

Doctor Lozanov, who created a Center for Autosuggestion in Sophia, Bulgaria (supported by the Ministry of Education of that country) developed a unique way to teach languages. Upon entering the center, students had to set aside all their personal belongings, and imagine that they had become the person they always wanted to be. They could change their name and imagine that they were someone else entirely for the duration of the course. Classes were conducted with students in the alpha state. The results were absolutely amazing - students were able to master university level English in only three short months!

Unfortunately, we cannot check into an autosuggestion center whenever we want to liberate our mental faculties. On the other hand, creating your own mental laboratory is just as effective, and permanently at your disposal.

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