Telepathy and Emotion

Ask a question and they both say almost the same thing at the same time. She thinks of something, he starts talking about it. She starts a sentence, he finishes it. She is in pain, he suffers along with her. They often find themselves thinking about the same thing, and each knows exactly how the other feels.

Of course, we're talking about two people in love.

When you share feelings with someone you love, you develop a degree of 'emotional communication' with that person. Mothers get up in the middle of the night, feeling their infant's need for comfort or nourishment. A husband wakes up in a cold sweat just as his beloved wife dies in a car crash thousands of miles away.

This type of telepathy occurs frequently. The works of Warcollier, Rhine and Vassiliev provide ample documentation of incidences of telepathy between person involved in a loving relationship. Parapsychologists proposed the existence of what they called an emotional field as a possible explanation of the phenomenon.

Any skilled researcher of telepathic transmission is aware of how important emotional fields are. In order to create the best possible conditions for success, various methods have been devised to bring the emotional aspect into play (passionate interest, rivalry, mutual love, music, mood, etc.).

The smallest emotional field concerns that of the ego itself. The largest is the feeling generated by a sense of communion with the universe. The kinds of emotions generated - sympathy, love, altruism, compassion - correspond to the different types of telepathic relationships. William James considered paranormal phenomena proof of the existence of spirituality.

If you want to develop your paranormal faculties, you have to enlarge the scope of your emotional field. You have to try and live in harmony, not only with your immediate family and circle of friends, but with all people. In other words, you have to feel at one with the universe. We are all parts of a whole, in the same way that the billions of brain cells in your head constitute a single brain. Every individual represents a single element in a vast communication system called the collective unconscious (experiments on animals and plants have shown that they too feel, which means the vast communication system that links all humans should perhaps be extended to include all life). Imagine billions of human brains, linked through their subconscious, forming what some have called 'infinite intelligence.'

But being in harmony with others is only possible when you have achieved inner harmony. All the great spiritual masters - Lao Tzu, Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed - had the same message: they all said "Love thy neighbor AS thyself." not "Love they neighbor MORE THAN thyself."

To do that you first have to accept yourself the way you are, and come to appreciate and love yourself.

We stand at the frontier of a new era. In former times, mysticism, parapsychology, and human relations seemed to be in conflict with each other. Now, scientifically documented paranormal phenomena help prove that people really are psychically linked, rather than isolated individuals wandering around in a strange hostile world. There will come a time when what has been considered mystical or mysterious will, like paranormal phenomena, seem commonplace. There is nothing to prevent us from crossing over to the other side. In the same way that the mysticism of the past has become the paranormal of today, what is considered paranormal today will become the psychology of tomorrow.

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