A well trained guide can help you develop your supranormal faculties. Although passive images may, at first, be vague and imprecise compared to actual memories, they will soon become just as sharp and clear. All it takes is a little practice. Depending on a subject's temperament and previous conditioning, clear images may arise during an initial induction session. In most cases, however, it takes a few sessions before they appear.

Guides should proceed as follows during all induction sessions:

a) Help the subject attain a state of mental and physical calm.

b) Elicit an image formed by the subject's passive imagination.

c) Ask questions while preventing the subject's conscious mind from interfering (no criticism, no holding back).

d) Note down all responses, or tape the entire session.

e) Always do your best to help your subject - your intention is just as important as your skill.

f) Be very careful about how you bring your subject back out of the alpha state.

"You should be just as careful about how you bring subjects out of the alpha state as you are about getting them in. If this step is not accomplished properly, subjects may suffer from fatigue, dizziness and various circulation problems, especially if they are very sensitive and imaginative, or if they tried to work without a guide."

Caslant suggests a very gradual withdrawal from the alpha state, using techniques like visualizing the self and practicing conscious control of bodily movements, respiration, etc.

Robert Desoille, one of Caslant's students, developed a method of psychotherapy based on his teacher's method. Called Controlled Waking Dream Therapy, a guide helps patients interpret the symbolism in their dreams. The technique has provided excellent results, helping patients overcome their inhibitions and enabling them to talk openly about their problems.

Given that one of the requirements for developing supranormal faculties is entering a state somewhere between waking and sleep so that subjects become aware of their mental imagery, and given that this state is especially conducive to stimulating passive imagination, it is fortunate that there is a time when each and every one of us has the privilege of attaining that very state of consciousness.

That particular state - the dream state - is the subject of our next chapter.

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