Step 1 visual concentration

Get comfortable, either siting in a chair or cross-legged on the floor. Cut out the black rectangle on the opposite page and set it in front of you, at heart level, about 20 inches from your eyes. You can glue the rectangle to a white sheet of cardboard and then lean it against something so it will stand on its own (on a table or stool to get the right height).

Start by relaxing. Breath slowly and deeply. Make sure to relax all the small muscles around your eyes, as well as your jaw and your tongue.

When you feel relaxed, concentrate on the black rectangle for ten breaths. If your eyes start to water or itch, close them for the rest of the ten breath cycle.

Look only at the rectangle, and don't let your vision get blurred.

Repeat the ten breath cycle four times.

Do the exercise once a day. After a few days, when you have mastered the technique of visual concentration, move on to the next step.

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