Mental Dynamics In Search of a Unified Theory

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I first heard about psychocybernetics in 1969, while travelling to Sydney Australia. The method was being used by a sales organization, to help executives develop their personality. Apparently, the results were amazing, and when I heard about them I decided to try using the method when I returned home.

I would have occasion to see the same kind of positive results in the United States and Japan. In 1970 I was teaching psychocybernetics to teams of sales representatives. In 1972, after attending a series of psychology workshops in the U.S., Jean-Claude Gimet, a cybernetics specialist who hosted seminars on management and planning, suggested that we work together on personal development seminars which would be offered to corporate clients. With the help of Phillip Lecomte, a psychologist and director of a large mining concern, who happened to be interested in the same techniques, I came up with a plan for a three day seminar. A short time later the three of us conducted our first seminar, which we called the Personal Achievement Seminar - a course on personal development based on the psychology of self image. The results we obtained led to our being hired by a number of large industrial and commercial corporations. We conducted seminars for their sales and technical staff. Since then, Personal Achievement Seminars have become the main product of Sodiac Training Incorporated, the company we founded together.

Although psychocybernetic techniques are usually practiced in a state of ordinary relaxation, I was convinced that the same techniques could be doubly effective if applied to persons in an altered state of consciousness. For that reason I became interested in self-hypnosis, biofeedback and sophrology. It was while attending a seminar based on Silva's Mind Control technique that we decided to try and come up with a unified method that would incorporate all the techniques we had encountered to date.

We began experimenting with the alpha state and integrating techniques borrowed from sophrology and parapsychology during our personal development courses. Based on the results of these experiments, the concept of an alpha seminar began to take shape.

The first prototype was developed with a group of friends in January, 1974. News of the extraordinary results we obtained spread quickly, both by word of mouth and through the media. Since then, over 1000 people have benefited from the seminar, which we called Mental Dynamics.

The average person uses about two billion, out of a total of about ten billion brain cells. Stimulating mental faculties through the techniques which comprise the mental dynamics method helps people exploit more of their mental and physical capacities. All the techniques described in this book up to now have been incorporated into the method.

The hard part was organizing them into some kind of coherent system. Based on a model of forty-five minute sessions, we came up with a series of fifteen complimentary exercises which, together, comprise what came to known as the Alpha Seminar.

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