Interacting auras

When you caress someone's face or hold someone's hand, two auras interact, and an exchange of energy takes place. Therapists often describe how they are able to alleviate pain through massage, and how, after a session is over, they actually feel some of the patient's pain themselves.

Two researchers, Johnson and Mors, called this phenomenon the 'transfer effect.' Johnson claimed that what he found most interesting about his work with auras was that it showed that our beings extend beyond the limits of our skin, that we all possess another body made of pure energy, which is in constant interaction with our environment, and the people we come in contact with.

Will the Kirlian device prove to be an important scientific discovery? Indications are that it will. Although its potential applications have not been fully explored even today, forty years after its discovery, there has been renewed interest in the technique of late. On the other hand, perhaps the greatest impact of Kirlian's invention will turn out to be symbolic - for the first time in the history of humanity, science and mysticism seem to be in accord.

Concerning the subtle or energy body, all mystics, from Zoroaster to Heraclitus, from the Hebrew cabalists to Saint Paul, are in agreement. The idea is the same in all their writings: "The vibrant substance that the Creator referred to as the 'breath of life' takes on a subtle form in the nervous system of all living beings. It is transmitted through all our limbs, and its sensations are perceived by the brain. This subtle substance forms a living organism which is just as real as our material body." (Quoted from The Great Initiates by E. Shure, written in 1889).

Although we have not yet seen a complete fusion of scientific and religious thought, we can certainly expect to achieve a better understanding between the two modes of thought as we approach the millennium.

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