How to solve problems in your sleep

Edison was in the habit of making a list of problems he wanted to solve before going to bed. Every morning he'd wake up and harvest the fruit of the night's ideas and inventions. We can all set the paranormal and creative mechanisms we need to solve problems while we dream in motion. All you have to do is:

1.Visualize the final result of whatever you are seeking.

2. While in the alpha state, repeat the following: "Tonight my mind will solve the problem of ... When I wake up tomorrow morning I will remember the solution, either in the form of a dream, or as an inspiration that will come to me sometime during the day."

The main obstacle is not resolving a problem while you dream, but remembering the solution. Often a thought or sensation you have while awake can trigger a recollection of the solution you are seeking. Sometimes a few nights sleep are needed to succeed. In some cases, a dream you had one night will be continued the next night, and so on, until you are able to resolve the problem. To be able to recall information more easily, you can associate it with a gesture or some other kind of signal. Some writers can only work when a certain odor permeates their studio or office. Others can only work at certain times of the day, or under certain specific conditions. In other words, their creativity depends on some associated reflex. The same applies to persons who can only fall asleep under certain conditions. They may need a special type of pillow, pure cotton sheets, have their bed facing a certain direction, and so on.

This type of reflex-association can be set up between a signal and the work that is to be carried out while dreaming, and between the same signal and the recollection of the dream in question.

For example, drink half a glass of water at night just before going to bed, and think, "This is all I have to do to find the solution I'm looking for." Next morning when you wake up, drink the rest of the water and think, "This is all I have to do to remember the solution I dreamed."

Any gesture, image or phrase can be used as an associative signal.

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